Cottrel: Signs of spring offer reason for optimism

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

There is a bit of optimistic news to report this week.

Spring is coming soon. It truly is. The groundhog lied.

How do I know? Well, I saw it myself.

Recently, we were asked to drive down to Georgia to help out a family member a bit.

Deciding to go was a tough decision. Do we stay here in 25 degrees and worry, or go help out in 65 degrees? It was a tough, but someone had to step up.

Now Savannah does not have frigid winters like we do, but it does get chilly and the leaves fall off half the trees. It is no doubt a form of “winter.”

However, when it was time for us to head back up here, we noticed that things were changing in the famous landscaped squares of Savannah. Magnolia trees in unshaded and sheltered yards were entirely in full bloom. Along the bottom edge of the azalea bushes, pink, purple and white blooms were getting a head start on the season. Lenten roses are blooming.

We hated to leave before spring was in full bloom, but the pollen was already overwhelming our sinuses. The allergy treatment shelves in some drug stores are virtually empty. On still days without a breeze, automobiles were so heavily dusted with yellow pollen that someone could write “Wash me.”

On top of that, the tourists were back and finding a parking place became a challenge.

As we drove north through South Carolina, we saw entire trees full of pink flowers, We had no idea what they were, but they were not there when we drove through that state earlier.

North Carolina had bulbs pushing up the green foliage and the first glorious beds of yellow daffodils. Birds were pairing up to nest.

The tunnels of West Virginia were fun. The south entrances were greening up and the shaded north exits were still cold but without snow.

On Saturday we were not surprised to see Pam Corle-Bennett’s column in the News Sun focused on the upcoming 23rd Annual Central Ohio Perennial Flower School on March 2. I hope to attend this year, and I look forward to reading more from her.

Meanwhile, it’s time to find those gardening gloves. They hide my brown thumb.

Our arrival home in Clark County confirmed what is happening. Spring clothing catalogs have filled our mailbox.

It’s happening. Wipe that frown off your face. Spring is almost here.

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