COTTREL: Enon’s 2020 Young Citizen of the Year adds to family tradition of community awards

Young Citizen of the Year Makenzie Gossett, Enon Mayor Tim Howard, and Citizen of the Year Elmer Beard holding their etched glass awards.  Submitted
Young Citizen of the Year Makenzie Gossett, Enon Mayor Tim Howard, and Citizen of the Year Elmer Beard holding their etched glass awards. Submitted

When Greenon Senior Makenzie Gossett was named Enon’s 2020 Young Citizen of the Year, she added to a family tradition that included her mother Shannon Gossett who was Enon’s 2013 Citizen of the Year and her sister Mariah Gossett, who was Enon’s 2017 Young Citizen of the Year.

Makenzie was nominated by Greenon Counselor Andrea Maxon, who had to add an additional page to the nomination form to list all of Makenzie’s academic, social and athletic accomplishments.

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While this National Honor Society Member was earning an Honors Diploma at Greenon, she was also earning her Associates of Science degree at Clark State. That gave her a head start with her college education. It also offered some interesting classes.

She found the human anatomy at Clark State to be fascinating.

“My favorite class I ever took in my life,” she said, explaining that she cannot wait to get all the basic biology and chemistry classes in college over so she can move on to human biology at the upper academic levels and then on to medical classes.

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Although she will technically be a first year student at Wright State this fall, she will already have sophomore academic standing because of all the college classes she has already taken at Clark State. Makenzie will be majoring in biology and hopes to graduate within three years, then go on to medical school.

Her sister Mariah is studying to be a nurse and there are others in the medical field in her extended family, but she would be the first doctor.

Makenzie was president of the Greenon Student Council in addition to being on the student council for all four years. Being senior class president also highlighted her leadership accomplishments. She was specifically cited for her leadership in academics as a tutor and on athletic teams encouraging teammates with school spirit.

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Makenzie’s athletic skills took her to state finals four times on the varsity bowling team, and she was the first female on the Greenon team to bowl a perfect game of 300.

She received state level honors in golf twice and was also a member of the varsity softball and track teams.

Recently she signed with Wright State University to be on the bowling team. Even though it is a club team, she is looking forward to some travel all over Ohio.

Mackenzie has lived in Enon her entire life with her parents Josh and Shannon Gossett, sister Mariah and younger brother Matthew, who is a kicker for the football team.

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She said that Enon has been a wonderful place to grow up. When she was small she enjoyed a variety of elementary age sports like Little League, softball, and cheer.

It seemed to her that the entire community was supporting the young folks and cared about them. The support of Enon and Mad River Township’s community members for youth activities inspired her to want to give back to the community when she grows up.

Supporting the efforts of the youth of our community does make Enon and Mad River Township stand out. We are building excellent citizens for the future and Makenzie is a good example of that.

Good luck at Wright State University, Makenzie.