Buck Creek State Park to undergo $2.4 million cabin renovations

Project plan is to fully renovate the 12 vacation cabins, with anticipated start around May 2022.

The State Controlling Board on Wednesday approved $2.4 million worth of funding for improvements at Buck Creek State Park.

The capital funding will go toward the renovation of 12 of its 25 vacation cabins, which were constructed in the late 1970s, according to ODNR. Cabins at the state park have seen updates over the past few years, with several cabins being renovated in 2017.

In its State Controlling Board request, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which oversees state parks in Ohio, stated that the anticipated start of the renovations for cabin renovations that were approved last week would be May 2022, with the renovation completion wrapping up by March 2024. A spokesperson of ODNR noted that because the department has not hired a contractor for the Buck Creek renovations, however, a timeline has not been created for the project.

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This project is expected to fully renovate the 12 vacation cabins. Exterior improvements will include replacing siding, doors, windows, and roofs. Interior improvements listed in the State Controlling Board request include replacing flooring, electrical fixtures, appliances, HVAC equipment, fireplaces, doors, plumbing fixtures, building insulation, and furniture, and installing a water dispersal system.

Other state parks that were approved by the State Controlling board for improvement projects were Lake Hope State Park located in McArthur and Salt Fork State Park located in Lore City.

ODNR did not provide an immediate comment, but will submit a response in regard to the cabin renovations.