Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called include:

John C. Arment, 38, of 262 Hedge Drive, violation of TPO, continued, PD appointed, bond $5,000.

Steven P. Benjamin, 34, of 617 N. Belmont Ave., assault, innocent, continued, eligible int.

Jack Bedford Brewer, 24, of 1407 Beverly Ave., felonious assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Vicky Cox, 53, of 550 W. Parkwood Ave., littering, innocent, continued, eligible int.

Roy K. Crackel III, 32, of Dayton, OH, receiving stolen property, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Brian Robert Dearmond, 36, of 509 E. Northern Ave., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Tyren Lee Dearmond Jr., 22, of 811 Cecil St, carry concealed weapon, dismissed - indicted, firearms in motor vehicle, dismissed - indicted.

Sophie L. Fields, 56, of New Carlisle, OH, violate board health order, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Lacey Mae Marie Marlin, 22, of Xenia, OH, burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Dustin N. Melson, 30, of 2109 Larch St., breaking and entering, dismissed - indicted, breaking and entering, dismissed - indicted.

Horace S. Owens, 65, of 707 S. Burnett Road, OVI, guilty, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000.

Arael Perez, 42, of 1416 Lagonda Ave., aggravated burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Karl W. Richendollar, 74, of 321 N. Yellow Springs St., theft, innocent, continued, eligible int.

Caleb M Rowland, 20, of 130 S. Delta Road, BW served-deft jailed, guilty, bond $1,000.

Kyle A. Smith, 19, of Dayton, OH, receiving stolen property, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Brandon C. Webb, 35, of Dayton, OH, flee/elude, innocent, continued, eligible int.

Alasia Ann White, 21, of 239 E. Grand Ave., felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Stacey J. Eldridge, 47, of 1920 Michigan Ave., child endangering, continued, PD appointed.

Douglas C. Fent, 58, of 4100 Troy Road Apt. 31, drug para-marijuana, continued, did not qualify for PD, NAPT.