Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Shawn Dunaway, 28, of W. Courthouse, request for bail, continued, bond set at “no bond.”

Rakeem J. Jones, 28, of 224 W. Liberty St., weapons under disability, continued, PD appointed, bond $10,000.

Tyler Dewitt Means, 32, aggravated burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Kenneth J. Shoemaker, 44, of 204 N. Greenmount Ave., theft, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Stephen M. Ault, 40, of 325 W. Columbia, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Lacrelle N. Gilbreath, 39, of 207 S. Race St., aggravated burglary, continued, PD appointed, no contact/not to be 500 feet 1753 S. fountain.

Donald William Stamper, 41, of 1620 W. High St., violation of TPO, continued, eligible INT, no contact with Julie Cason.

Darryl L. Moore Jr., 45, of 1719 Mound St., criminal trespass, continued, PD appointed, not to be 500 feet 721 E. High St.