Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Gary D. Authenreith, 64, criminal trespass, guilty, guilty, 30 days of jail, assessed costs $250.

Richard J. Boryczewski, 47, of Westerville, OH, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Kelsey N. Litteral, 33, of 2845 Columbus Ave., Lot 40, defendant to serve 5 days jail, guilty.

Robert A. Preston, 31, of 735 Linden Ave., aggravated menacing, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Robert E. Rainwater, 31, of New Carlisle, OH, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Rusty W. Stroup, 49, aggravated burglary, innocent, continued, no contact condition of bond, OR bond.

Michelle A. Johnson, 49, of 156 E. Grand Ave., assault, continued, NAPT.

James M. Vannoy Jr., 49, of 227 S. Greenmount Ave., OVI, guilty, 60 days of jail with 54 days suspended, 12 months of driver license suspension, 6 days credit for time served, suspended on 1 year law abiding, fines and costs to be paid in 4 months, fined $375.

Jacqueline D. Clinton, 58, of New Carlisle, OH, OVI/refusal, continued, drive without valid license, dismissed.

Travis R. Fuller, 40, of 521 N. Shaffer St., criminal trespass, continued, PD appointed, no contact with Speedway on Bechtle Ave. as condition bond.

Harley A. Leigh, 27, of 411 N. Belmont Ave., theft reduced to attempt, guilty, 60 days of jail, credit jail time served.

David A. Messer, 38, of 1762 Magnolia Blvd., domestic violence reduced to disorderly, guilty, fined $100.

David A. Messer, 38, of 510 E. Cassilly St., OVI, guilty, 160 days of jail with 157 days suspended, 3 days credit for time served, 12 months of driver license suspension, no further offenses/pay fines and costs, fined $500, OVI/breath, dismissed.

Barbara A. Patrick, 52, of 2906 Arthur Road, criminal damaging, guilty, 85 days of jail with 75 days suspended, 12 months of probation, fined $250.

Emery L. Thomas, 38, of 1751 S. Center St., domestic violence, bench warrant ordered, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Thomas F. Vivyan, 77, of Pataskala, OH, OVI reduced to disregard of safety, guilty, fined $125, marked lanes, dismissed.

Phillip A. Beavers, 28, of Trotwood, OH, theft, dismissed.

Dustin M. Johnson, 36, of New Carlisle, OH, request for bail, dismissed.

Kiersten P.. Shonkwiler, 21, menacing, dismissed.