Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Jerrett Raymone Arnold, 32, of 708 East St., assault, innocent, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,500.

Joe Leroy Buck, 44, of 928 Harrison St., bench warrant served to DEF in jail, guilty, bond $5,000.

Joe Leroy Buck, 44, of 1327 Driscoll Ave., criminal damaging, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000.

Freddie L. Davis, 44, of 823 E. Columbia St., domestic violence, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond, bond $40,000.

Jessica Nicole Givens, 34, of 1756 W. Pleasant St., theft, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Machelle L. Kraus, 19, of 535 W. Lowery, bench warrant returned from Clark County Sheriff’s Office, guilty, or bond.

Ryan K. Leach, 39, of 2339 Hillside Ave., fishing without license, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Courtney A. Litteral, 37, of South Charleston, PV warrant served-DEF jailed, guilty.

Devin J. Ramsey, 37, of Dayton, aggravated menacing, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Timothy R. Rowland, 31, of 1410 Delta Road Apt. E, bench warrant served-DEF jailed, guilty, bond $5,000, guilty.

Patrick David Shediack Jr., 45, of 503 Woodlawn Ave., theft, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Cheyenne P. Widner, 24, of 4642 Ectto Hills Ave., request for bail, innocent, continued, bond set at “no bond.”