Clark County Municipal Court cases

Rashad M. Cherry, 33, of 306 S. Yellow Springs St., discharge of firearms, dismissed, weapons under disability, dismissed - indicted.

London M. Cooks, 19, of 2229 N. Hadley Road, weapons under disability, dismissed - indicted, carry concealed weapon, dismissed - indicted, firearms in motor vehicle, dismissed - indicted, obstructing official business, dismissed - indicted.

Jay D. Hague, 43, of New Lebanon, OH, domestic violence, continued, declined PD, no contact, assault, continued, declined PD, no contact.

Rodney L. McMahon, 38, of 937 W, Pleasant St., OVI, bench warrant ordered, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered.

Brandon Rosales, 33, of 603 S. York St., DUS- OL forfeiture, dismissed - prosecutor request, fail obey traffic device, dismissed - prosecutor request, reckless operation, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Brandon Rose, 38, of Beavercreek, OH, child endangering, guilty, 120 days of jail with 120 days suspended, 120 days CCJ;120 days CCJ suspension, no similar offenses, pay F/C by May 2, 2022, fined $250, temporary permit, dismissed, speed for conditions, guilty, fined $50.

Christy Jo Stiltner, 24, of S. Vienna, OH, receiving stolen property, dismissed - prosecutor request, receiving stolen property, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Raymar Davon Thompson, 25, robbery, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Tyler M. Allen, 20, of 423 N. Shaffer St., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Hunter J. Blauvelt, 24, of 2406 Red Coach Drive, OVI, continued, left of center, dismissed.

Arthur J. Brown, 61, of 142 Parkwood, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Kimberly K. Fenwick, 29, of 1018 Middle St, theft, dismissed.

Cassandra Lynne Hall, 38, of 1541 Hyannis Dr., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Joshua T. Jones, 25, of 7756 Springfield Jamestown Road, inducing panic, dismissed.

Ryan M. Lyons, 27, of 2267 E. County Line Road, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Charlene M. Moore, 48, of 1853 Winding Trail, OVI, continued, assured clear distance, dismissed.

Larry J. Nott, 45, of New Carlisle, OH, obstructing official business, bench warrant ordered, resisting arrest, bench warrant ordered.

Jamichael Lamar Patterson, 19, of 819 E. Southern Ave., aggravated burglary, dismissed - indicted.

Derrick RJ Ramey, 39, of 745 Villa Road Apt. 145, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Tyler Alexander Scerba, 18, of 1038 Lagonda Ave., criminal damaging, bench warrant ordered, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Allen G. Sutton, 41, of 1444 Sunset Ave Apt E, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Timothy L. Ferguson II, 35, of 948 Oak St., child endangering, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Terrie Lynn Hawkins, 52, of 1760 Delaware Ave., theft, continued, PD appointed.

Konner L. Hileman, 27, theft, continued, PD appointed, no contact, bond $1,500.

Kimberly S. Himes, 44, of 2141 Beatrice St., theft, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Amber N. Parks, 28, of 1319 1/2 Clifton Ave., bench warrant returned from Clark County Sheriff’s Office, guilty, bond $1,500.

Shindey M. Smoot, 32, of 1213 E. John St. Apt. B, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Joe K. F. Gohl, 25, of 1730 Rutland Ave., felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - prosecutor request, felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Robert C. Marion, 29, of Yellow Springs, OH, OVI, continued, failure to control, dismissed.