Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Cindy Fugate, 50, of 2125 S. Tecumseh Road, Lot 149, child endangering, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Brittany D. Phillips, 35, of 930 Sunset Ave., menacing, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact condition of bond, OR bond.

Brittany D. Phillips, 35, of 930 Sunset Ave., Apt. E, harassment with bodily substance, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,500, harassment with bodily substance, continued, harassment with bodily substance, continued, criminal damaging, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Tara H. Wirgau, 47, of South Vienna, OH, PV admitted/defendant placed on ISP, guilty, OR bond.

Abby R. Brock, 30, of Urbana, OH, interference with custody, dismissed.

Justin C. Gessey, 35, of Enon, OH, falsification, dismissed.

Justin C. Gessey, 35, of Jamestown, NY, failure to control, dismissed, disregard safety-private, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 6 months of probation, group supervision, fined $200.

Preston Nunn, 119, of Piqua, OH, possession of drugs, continued, PD appointed.

Samantha J. Rice, 21, of South Charleston, OH, criminal damaging, dismissed.

Johnathan T. Robinson, 23, of Urbana, OH, menacing, continued, PD appointed.

Jaronte D. Tillman, 30, of 244 W. Johnny Lytle Ave., assault, dismissed.

Walter M. Torres Pentate, 48, of Columbus, OH, OVI, guilty, 60 days of jail with 50 days suspended, 3 days credit for time served, 12 months of drive license suspension, credit time served-7 days, ALS terminated without fee, fined $375.

Chandler A. Woodland, 22, of 1618 Highland Ave., domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

John R. Brandenburg Jr., 52, of 2210 Memorial Drive, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Eric B. Dotson, 28, of 1338 W. Jefferson St., criminal trespass, continued, obstructing justice, bench warrant ordered.

Amanda L. Fournier, 34, of Piqua, OH, OVI, continued, refer to 3 day program.

Jeffery W. Wynn, 40, of Enon, OH, OVI reduced to disregard of safety, guilty, fined $200.

Andrea Mitchell, 63, of 1836 W. Wittenberg Ave., violation of TPO, guilty, 90 days of jail with 90 days suspended, 12 months of probation, fined $250.

Miles A. Tidd, 25, of Dayton, OH, OVI, bench warrant ordered.