Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called include:

Jesse R. Agerter, 32, of Urbana, OVI, innocent, continued, NAPT, speed, innocent, continued.

Jan M. Evans, 35, of 744 N. Belmont Ave., public indecency, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Walter D. McGhee Jr., 24, of 1932 Fred Jordan Dr. Apt. E, guilty.

Andrea Naegele, 39, of West Liberty, falsification, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Aaron T. Sarven, 40, of 1501 Shadeland Dr., domestic violence, innocent, continued, no contact, OR Bond.

Seth P. Beeson, 28, of 1605 Sunset Ave., domestic violence reduced to disorderly conduct, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 30 days jail, suspended on no offense involving Vic through 12/3/2021 and pay fines/costs by 2/3/2021, fined $100, assault, dismissed.

Dustan D. Conley, 25, of 1322 Perry St., criminal damaging, guilty, 90 days of jail with 90 days suspended, 90 days jail, suspended on no further violations, involving victim for the next year, apply bond, to fines/charges and suspended balance.

Dustan D. Conley, 25, criminal damaging, guilty, 90 days of jail with 90 days suspended, 90 days jail, suspended on no further offenses involving, victim for next yr, apply bond to costs, suspended balance.

Mylek Delong, 21, of Dayton, falsification, bench warrant ordered.

Mylek C. Delong, 21, of Dayton, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered.

William G. Hall, 22, of 1435 N. Belmont Ave., disorderly conduct by, guilty, 10 days of jail with 10 days suspended, fined $50.

Crystal D. Jenkins, 41, of 566 E. Pleasant St., possess drug abuse instr., dismissed, obstructing official business, guilty, 50 days of jail, credit for time served, 50 days jail, CTS.

Travis W. Lunsford, 33, of 4901 Powell Rd., physical control, bench warrant ordered.

Anthony D. Lytle, 58, of 313 E. Pleasant St., making a false alarm, dismissed, obstructing official business, guilty, 10 days of jail with 10 days suspended, 10 days jail, suspended on no like offenses prior to 12/2/2021 and pay fines/costs by 3/3/21, fined $50, disorderly conduct, dismissed.

Tyler D. Means, 31, of 1801 S. Center Blvd., theft, guilty, 90 days of jail, suspended jail if 630 restitution paid to Compton Power Equipment, any bond remaining to be applied 20trd02214, fined $100.

Aaron S. Moore, 32, of 1031 W. Jefferson, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Michael D. Moore Jr., 32, of 911 Alta Rd., theft, guilty, 10 days of jail, 10 days jail, CTS.

Justin R. Orrill, 40, of 730 Rice St., drug para-marijuana, dismissed - prosecutor request, OVI/breath reduced to OVI, guilty, 180 days of jail with 176 days suspended, 36 months of DL suspension, 12 months of probation, 180 days jail, 176 suspended, 1-year probation to appear in probation 10 am on 12/4/2020, fined $375, DUS OVI suspension, dismissed, reckless operation, dismissed.

Justin R. Orrill, 40, of 730 Rice St., OVI, guilty, 3 days of jail, 12 months of DL suspension, 72 hrs in jail, CTS, fined $375, OVI/breath, dismissed, unauthorized plates, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, open container/vehicle, dismissed.

Anne M. Shelton, 29, of 1558 W. High St., domestic violence, bench warrant ordered, resisting arrest, bench warrant ordered, immunity; prohibit conduct, bench warrant ordered.

Day’kisha O. Warren, 20, of 2032 Sturgeon St., criminal damaging, guilty, 10 days of jail with 10 days suspended, 10 days jail, suspended on no offenses involving D. McNeil prior to 12/3/2021 and fines/costs by 3/3/2021, fined $50.

Katherine N. Williams, 23, of 915 Essex St., felonious assault/weapon, continued, no contact, PD appointed.

Landon Clark, 18, of South Charleston, offenses/underage persons, continued, NAPT.

Jesus D. Diaz, 35, of 23 S. Western Ave., OVI, continued, referred to 3-day program, OVI/breath, dismissed, driving without valid license, dismissed, open container/vehicle, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.

Brittany L. Fleming, 27, of 725 E Cecil Street, OVI, continued, referedr to 3-day program, 12 point suspended, dismissed, turn and stop signal, dismissed.

Scott W. Johns, 30, of 2011 E. Blee Rd., domestic violence reduced to menacing, guilty, 25 days of jail with 25 days suspended, fined $50.

Martinez S. Garcia, 23, of 1221 W. Clark St, OVI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed, operating without valid operating license, dismissed, failure to drive on right, dismissed.

Anthony J. Jordan, 36, of 355 E. Grand Ave., OVI, continued, no driving, failure to pay reinstatement fee, continued, operating without valid operating license, continued, failure to control, continued, OVI, continued, no driving.

Mitchell E. Mundy, 53, of 345 Larchmont Ave., OVI, continued, red light, dismissed, tinted glass, dismissed.

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