Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Joseph C. Caudill, 31, of 1949 Wilkes Dr. Apt. C, ovi, continued, DUS, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed, menacing, dismissed, criminal trespass, dismissed.

Cristy Lynn Conner, 33, of 3601 Rebert Pike, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Davon P. Marshall, 36, of 440 W. High St. Apt.. A, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Tre A. Trent, 27, of 1107 Selma Road, assault, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Kevin P. Owen, 42, of Enon, DUS, guilty, fined $100, marked lanes, dismissed.

Deanna L. Druckenbroad, 41, of 1323 Broadway, theft, continued, PD appointed.

Brynn N. McMahon. 22, of 1207 Burt St., assault, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond.

Ryan Allen, 42, of Enon, interference with custody, not guilty.

Michael W. Palmer, 49, of 1216 Innisfallen, PV warrant served deft jailed, guilty.

Jean Alex Stella, 32, of Columbus, OVI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed, temporary permit, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.