Clark County manufacturer to build multi-million dollar facility near Springfield airport

John Maurer, from Esterline & Sons Manufacturing, describes what the company's new location at Airpark Ohio will look like.  BILL LACKEY/STAFF
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John Maurer, from Esterline & Sons Manufacturing, describes what the company's new location at Airpark Ohio will look like. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

A Clark County manufacturer is looking to build a multi-million dollar facility near the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport as it looks to upgrade its operation.

Esterline & Sons Manufacturing is in the process of purchasing a little over 8 acres of land at the Airpark Ohio business park near the airport in order to build a $3 million to $5 million facility.

The idea is to start construction in October and have employees working out of the new space by May 2022, said John Maurer, president and CEO of the company.

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Maurer said that his company is purchasing the space for the new facility from the City of Springfield for $176,000. Once completed, the new building will be over twice as large as the manufacturer’s current location on Old Clifton Road, which is 18,000 square feet.

Maurer said the move will give his company the space to grow, space out equipment and add additional employees if needed. Esterline & Sons currently has 55 employees.

“This site gives us the opportunity to grow as a company. There is also room to double the size of the building,” he said of the new location, adding that there is enough land to add onto the new building.

Esterline & Sons specializes in light precision machining manufacturing and makes small parts for medical equipment, jet engines and commercial food equipment.

However, the coronavirus pandemic did impact the company’s business as it created supply issues. As a result the company went from 80 employees in March 2020 to 49 employees before going up to 55 employees.

Maurer said the idea is to increase the company’s workforce depending on the growth of the business and the demand for its products in the near future.

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Maurer added that demand has increased in a number of sectors in manufacturing and he is optimistic about his company’s growth, adding that it is important to have space to accommodate it.

The new facility is also expected to increase the efficiency of Esterline & Sons’ operation.

Maurer said the company has been looking to expand its space since 2018 and put a plan in place last year to build a new facility.

He said the company has been at its current location on Old Clifton Road since 1956 and that space will be used as farm storage once the new facility is completed.

Maurer said they are still estimating the final cost of the project but said it would be in the $3 million to $5 million range.

Facts & Figures

$3M-$5M - Estimated cost of new Esterline & Sons Manufacturing facility

55 - Number of employees at Esterline & Sons

2022- Year company plans to open new facility

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