Clark County deputies seek help from exes as Valentine’s Day nears

A tongue-in-cheek social media post from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office that asks residents if they have an ex-Valentine with an outstanding warrant is getting shared.

The post asks: “Do you have an ex-Valentine with an outstanding warrant?”

It then said the sheriff’s office offers:

-Set of limited-edition bracelets (handcuffs)

-Free ride in a cruiser

-A stay in Clark County’s finest with 24/7 security.

It includes images of two hearts, a pair of handcuffs, and a message of “Make it special for your ex-Valentine.”

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Clark County Sheriff’s Office grant and programs manager Wendy Holt, who designed the post, said Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett noticed other law enforcement agencies using the humorous concept over the past few years.

“She asked me to design something similar for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office that we could release in an effort to prompt community members to share information that can get wanted criminals off the streets,” Holt said.

The sheriff’s phone line of 937-328-2560 is also in the Facebook post.

Users had shared the post nearly 900 times as of Monday morning. Commenting was turned off.

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