Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0399: Kathryn M. Coy v. John Logue, ADMINISTRATOR, Med America Health Systems Corp., bureau of workers comp appeal.

24CV0400: Eric J. Davis. v. Charter Communications INC., John Logue, ADMINISTRATOR, bureau of workers comp appeal.

24CV0401: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Norman L. Lincoln, breach of contract.

24CV0402: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Jason A. Rice, breach of contract.

24CV0403: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Melinda S. Duncan,, breach of contract.

24CV0404: Capital Auto Credit, LLC v. Andrew Lytle, Andrew B. Lytle, breach of contract.

24CV0405: Capital Auto Credit, LLC v. Marcie Alura, Marcie Beal, Marcie Deal, breach of contract.

24CV0406: Amanda L. Stewart v. IPL Dayton, Inc., John Logue, ADMINISTRATOR, bureau of workers comp appeal.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Friedel Schulz to Amberstill Ranch LLC, 6716 E. National Road, South Charleston; $325,000.

Venture Real Estate Group LLC to Vanover Rentals LLC, 115 W. Mound St., South Charleston; $32,400.

Jon C. Vanderglas and Shelley C. Wiley to Vanderwiley LLC, 6187 Garrison Road, Enon; $0.

Judith A. Woods to Ralph D. and Patricia A. Castle, 4382, 4406 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $37,000.

Jason K. and Mandy McCleary to Jason K. McCleary, 2528 Willow Road, Springfield; $0.

James H. Pauley to Ronald S. Tyree, 1800 Devon Drive, Springfield; $205,000.

Cheryl L. Mitchell to Nicholas A. and Lori A. Delawder, 1602 Oldham Drive, Springfield; $230,000.

William F. and Mary J. Thornburg to William F. Thornburg, 5465 Brookshire Lane, Springfield; $0.

John E. Flory, trustee to Jerry R. and Amanda Adams, 3672 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $300,500.

Robert H. Gibson Jr. and Juanita M. Carter to Wade D. Hasting, 3671 Ruby Drive, New Carlisle; $135,000.

Dale A. Lewis and Shandis G. Mowell to Daniel L. and Melanie Phillips, 4871 Vernon-Asbury Road, South Vienna; $279,000.

Trifecta Inc. to Kime T. and Janie E. Risteff, 6856 Neer Road, Mechanicsburg; $84,900.

NHN Properties LLC to Christina and Scott Lipscomb, 1226 Sylvan Shores Drive, South Vienna; $220,000.

Roy G. and Theresa M. Estes to Charity Rose, 6736 Davisson Road, Mechanicsburg; $360,000.

Jennie Rohrer to Karen M. Ruley, 5207 Kerns Road, Springfield; $0.

Mary J. Gilliam to Everitt D. Fox and Melissa A. Byas, 4101 Old Columbus Road, Springfield; $160,000.

Lori and Nicholas Delawder to Steven and Taylor Sarven, 465 Carillion Drive, Springfield; $396,000.

Briana N. and Andrew L. Friend to Mckenna Huff, 101 Larchmont Road, Springfield; $189,000.

Justin C. Jenkins to Teresa M. Demana, 31 Birch Road, Springfield; $148,000.

Nicholas J. Ruiz to Nicholas J. and Joshua Ruiz, 2390 Old Selma Road, Springfield; $0.

Steven and Taylor Sarven to Hailey Baker, 3239 Tackett St., Springfield; $210,000.

Real Estate Recovery LLC to Emma L. A. Ray, 2015 Providence Ave., Springfield; $155,000.

Sunny J. Harris to Mohan C. and Ruth N. Pereira, 3124 Vineyard St., Springfield; $175,000.

Debra L. Kimbler to George and Cathy L. Cain, 1236 Old Farm Lane, Springfield; $224,000.

Roger E. Terry to Joseph S. and Judith S. Kelchner, 3076 Brixton Drive E., Springfield; $178,000.

Joyce K. Layne, trustee to Joyce K. Layne, trustee, 1142 Brixton Dive N., Springfield; $0.

James R. and Sandra R. Koepnick to Sandra R. Koepnick, 3057 Brixton Drive E., Springfield; $0.

Dorothy M. Halula to Trudy Brackney, 3026 Malibu St., Springfield; $219,900.

Charles C. and Samantah Tolley to Charles C. Tolley, 2411 Shawnee Blvd., Springfield; $0.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Young Contracting and Remodeling LLC, 1200 Oakleaf Ave., Springfield; $0.

Michael Estep to RHME Properties LLC, 1801 Russell Ave., Springfield; $0.

Larry J. and Pearl M. Jones to Pearl M. Jones, 430 W. Parkwood Ave., Springfield; $0.

US Bank NA to Eadel Qendah, 609 Portage Path, Springfield; $62,100.

Spender St Luke and Sean S. Sakaida to OC Properties of Ohio LLC, 121 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $87,000.

Your At Home Rentals LLC to James and Nyoka Hall, 1204 Dibert Ave., Springfield; $95,000.

Chad W. Whitt to Larry W. Smith, 1342, 1348 Keller Ave., Springfield; $0.

Randy L. Oyer to Garrett F. Huntley, 424 N. Race St., Springfield; $110,000.

Richard Raymond to Richard Raymond Jr., 1315 Skyline Lane, Springfield; $0.