Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0306: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Tiffany Ponder, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Shanna E. Davidson, 30, of Wichita, KS, unemployed and Nathaniel B. Langston, 31, of Medway, nutrition association.

Jean L. Sanon, 37, of Springfield, Amazon and Roselene Augustin, 41, of Springfield.

Troy L. Maggar, 61, of Springfield, welder and Mary B. Miser, 59, of Springfield, manager/prep.

Property transfers:

Jason R. McDonald to Zachary T. Mustar, 1912 Wickford Drive, Springfield; $163,000.

Carol J. McClure to Kevin O’Neill, 1321 N. Lowry Ave., Springfield; $115,500.

Vicki L. North to Mo Mad Dad Properties LLC, 167 Glenmore Drive, Springfield; $75,000.

Jonathan E. Slagle to Brian C. Buhr, 7015 Milton-Carlisle Road, Springfield; $170,000.

New Residential Mortgage Laon to Aveyard and Paul Rental LLC, 70 Oaklawn Ave., Medway; $89,300.

Miranda J. Munoz to Jaycob Ely and Kaitlynn B. Jobe, 851 Corvette Ave., New Carlisle; $199,000.

Andy Saquing to Steven Abbate and Haley Curry, 808 Aspen Road, New Carlisle; $213,300.

James R. and Geraldine L. Coyle to James R. Coyle, 288 Eastwood Drive, Springfield; $0.

Robert E. and Bryan A. Still to Bryan A. Still, 4909 Alpha Road, Springfield; $0.

Jeffrey A. Christmas, trustee, and Melanie C. Hunt, 216 Zimmerman St., New Carlisle; $140,000.

Eddie L. and Donna Chambers to Rebecca M. Sule, 4296 Autum Creek Road, Springfield; $420,000.

George W. and Sheila K. Vicars to Sheila K. Vicars, 4337 Detrick-Jordan Pike, Springfield; $0.

Ronald R. and Kathleen Griffith to Kelly R. Krik and Jesse A. Wolfe, 1700 W. Sparrow Road, Springfield; $423,000.

John F. and Mildred L. Huffman to Mildred L. Huffman, 5007 Banes Ave., Springfield; $0.

John F. and Mildred L. Huffman to Mildred L. Huffman, 5070 Twitchell Road, Springfield; $0.

Simplified Custom Solutions LLC to Sarah and Bryan Shaffer, 4076 Ryland Drive, Springfield; $136,000.

Clyde F. Massengill to Clyde F. and Patricia A. Massengill, 1328 Cameron Ave., Springfield; $0.

Northside Springfield Real Property LLC to NSVC Properties LLC, 10 Critter Court, Springfield; $500,000.

Cheryl L. Walsh to Derek Nicodemus, 3661 Spence Road, New Carlisle; $265,000.

Ronald C. and Martha L. Davis to Ryan C. and Kathy Davis, 211 Northview Drive, Catawba; $0.

Richard F. Greene Jr. and Edward E. Day, 5443 Beard Road, Springfield; $150,000.

New Deliverance Original Church of God to United Original Church of God, 2767 May St., Springfield; $0.

Keren M. Kabbes to Michael and Jerri McDorman, 442 Secretariat Drive; $67,000.

Camelab LLC to Aaron Shuff, 1128 Cottage Ave., Springfield; $95,000.

Dixie J. Fisher to Lindsay Roberts, 1502 Saint Paris Road, Springfield; $220,000.

Fern M. Neu to Ja L. Stowers, 201 Seever St., Springfield; $100,000.