Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Caleb Macy, 20, of Springfield, warehouse associate and Kenzie Freeland, 20, of Springfield, student.

Cameron Costello, 23, of Springfield, air force and Sydney Garringer, 24, of Beavercreek, registered nurse.

Property transfers:

Lorna R. Overfield to Marlene Y. Wagner, 2323 Manhattan Bl., Springfield; no fee

Christopher R. and Marianne Potter to Otto G. and Shawne L. Bush, 2731 Wildflower Dr., Springfield; $47,000

Philip L. Steele to Steele Holding LLC, Ballentine Pike, Springfield; no fee

Laurence E. and Venita G. Kelly to Laurence E. Kelly, 6775 Willowdale Road, Springfield; no fee

Randolph Stephen Shaw to Karen and Forrest Barker, Sylvan Shores Dr., South Vienna; $50,000

Crystal L. Pullin to Crystal L. and Robert Pennywitt, 9089 Lisbon Road, South Charleston; no fee

Angela M. Cain and Nancy E. Stevens to Ryons Residential Services LLC, 22 S. East St., South Vienna; $25,000

Ginger L. Bobst to Sean T. and Teresa M. Bobst, 4895 Summerford Road, South Charleston; $198,000

Judith Ann and Dale F. Weber to Judith Ann Weber, 9985 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston; no fee

Judith Ann Weber to John F. and Julia A. Weber, 9985 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston; $200,000

Second Generation Investments Inc., to Brav Realty LLC, 6775 Dayton-Springfield Road, Enon; $200,000

Lona Lee to Cajev Properties LLC, 3749 Marion Dr., Enon; $106,200

Aug Property Investments LLC to Chao Yu and Li Lin, 3723 Raymond Dr., Enon; $162,500

Joseph E. Sodders to Bethany Anne Williams, 3405 Laura Lane, Springfield; $199,000

Shane A. Palmer to Shane A. and Ashely Palmer, 3146 Uplands Dr., Springfield; no fee

Larry J. Earnhart and Kelli L. Gilmore to Kelli L. Gilmore, 2100 Paradise Lane, Springfield; no fee

Verbal W. Brown to Heather Ann Brown, 5542 Wynn Road, Springfield; no fee

Janet L. Baker to Chase K. Duncan, 6859 Arnold Ave., Enon; $100,000

Betty Jane Geron to Kimberly Ann Baldwin, 5110 Waverly St., Fairborn; no fee

Richard L. McDowell and Joseph E. Kowalski to Jessie L. Robbins, 131 Estelle Ave., Enon; $170,000

Brian P. Green to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 205 Fairfield Pike, Enon; $225,600

Board of Education to Premier Property Sales LTD, 4266 Moorefield Road, Springfield; no fee

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