Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0167: Tameka Wood v. George Chandler Jr., Ohio Department of Medicaid, personal injury.

21CV0168: Nations Lending Corporation v. Clark County Treasurer, Robert Neeley, Unknown Spouse of Robert Neeley, foreclosure.

All filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Brandon Steele Jr., 20, of Springfield, self-employed and Saggara Goins, 22, of Springfield, tutor.

Jordan Hitt, 28, of New Carlisle, teacher and Kaitlyn Favreau, 24, of New Carlisle, coffee shop barista.

Ethan Waymire, 26, of South Vienna, United State Air Force and Ashley Howard, 24, of South Vienna, physical therapist assistant.

Madalyn Green, 24, of Springfield, elementary teacher and Zachary Vaughn, 25, of Springfield, senior accounting specialist.

Shelby Russell, 20, of South Charleston, student and Chase Brown, 18, of South Charleston, student.

Wendi Coffelt, 55, of Springfield, homemaker and Gary Frederick, 57, of Springfield, body shop manager.

Joshua Rider, 25, of Springfield, plumber and Rebecca Rice, 23, of Springfield, certified medical assistant.

Property transfers:

Dan A. and Sharon K. Zambon to Angel M. Tre A. McIntosh, 91 Grand Valley Dr., Enon; $212,000

David S. Wade Sr., to Carolyn M. and David S. Wade Sr., 4376 Yale St., Springfield; no fee

Justin R. and Jessica L. Chamberlin to Heather L. Perkins, 3298 Tamarack Ave., Springfield; $220,000

Caroline Sue and Scott L. Beiers to Scott L. Beiers, 4115 Tacoma St., Springfield; no fee

Victoria A. Rutledge and James R. Petroff to James R. and Jeanne M. Petroff Trustees, 4893 Auston St., Springfield; no fee

Leslie Dewayne Kidd to Brittany Pearl Ann Evans, 4563 Reno Lane, Springfield; $106,000

Brenda Salvatori to Julie Albaugh, 1990 Willoughby Ave., Springfield; $115,000

Giffert Tuttle Jr., and Tonya and Giffert Tuttle Jr., 4827 Cullen Ave., Springfield; no fee

Stuart and Jennifer Blevins to Hughes Property Group LLC, 4223 Imperial Dr., Springfield; $60,000

Andrew Marshall to Husted Properties LLC, 1418 Richmoor Road, Springfield; $93,000

Thomas M. and Genevieve R. Woolery to Dietmar M. T. Collier, 3520 Cambridge Dr., Springfield; $256,800

Michael R. Osborn Trustee to Cameron M. and James B. McGregror Jr., 2496 Signal Hill Road, Springfield; no fee