Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Cases called included:

21CV0224: Ethan Harris, Director of Clark County Development v. Janice L. Myers L. Est., Lisa Mougey, preliminary and permanent injunction.

21CV0225: Ethan Harris, Director of Clark County Development v. John Allan Williams, preliminary and permanent injunction.

21CV0226: Ethan Harris, Director of Clark County Development v. Donald D. and Linda K. Hatfield, preliminary and permanent injunction.

All case filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Sarah Marie Ruf, 29, of Springfield, registered nurse and Clayton Matthew Steele, 29, of Springfield, maintenance director.

Karen Lauretta Algeo, 74, of Springfield, retired and Joseph Carl Moorman, 77, of Springfield, retired.

JoAnna Taylor, 36, of Springfield, stay-at-home mom and Manuel Guadalupe Pena Anell, 50, of Springfield, grower.

Madeline Kristine McGraw, 27, of Springfield, teacher and Zachary Thomas Hupp, 29, of Springfield, laborer.

Colter Matthew Moore, 19, of Springfield, groundskeeper and Olivia Faith Warax, 19, of Springfield, barista.

Property transfers:

Amanda M. Miller and Joseph E. Weikert to Carla Sanning, 521 Glenn Ave., New Carlisle; $140,000

Anna F. and Charles C. Coffey Jr., to Venture Real Estate Group LLC, 201 Deerfield Dr., New Carlisle; $130,000

Martha Lynne and Paul Edward Nickell to Martha Lynne Nickell, 302 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; no fee