Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0365: Avis Rent-A-Car System, LLC v. Myron Colvin, Kassi Walters, breach of contract.

24CV0366: AmeriCredit Financial Services, Inc. v. Amber R. Hartman Ortez, replevin.

24CV0367: Linda Threats v. Morris Delmar Eaton, Pamela LittleJohn Clark County Treasurer, Unknown Spouse of Morris Delmar Eaton, their unknown heirs, successors, executors, administrators, guardians, beneficiaries, and/or assigns, quiet title.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Marco A. Matias Hernandez, 26, of Springfield, forklift driver and Yuriet V. Hernandez Lopez, 22, of Springfield, packer.

Property transfers:

Pro Investment Advisors LLC to Steven Lokai, 6378 W. National Road, New Carlisle; $85,000.

Michelle L. Clark to Michael D. and Kelly L. Sanders, 703 W. Washington St., Springfield; $230,000.

Thelma M. Waldron to Wesley and Teresa Waldron, 2910 Ash Drive, Springfield; $200,000.

Stefani Midkiff to Pitchin Road Investments LLC, 6050 S. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $0.

Betty L. Bilyeu to Heather Baker and Brian Northern, 9781 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $184,900.

Brentwood Properties Inc. to Patrick A. I. and Cheyanne Maynard, 130 Newlove Road, South Charleston; $135,000.

Patricia A. Newkirk to Richard H. Goheen, 2795 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; $175,000.

Ellen E. Svendsen to Charles W. Garrety, 3023 W. Jackson Road, Springfield; $0.

Marilyn M. and William J. Tavenner Sr., 4924 Old Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $201,800.

Rhonda K. Highfield to High Cap LLC, 3625 Mumper Road, Springfield; $201,800.

Erik C. Scheiderer to Kelli S. Everidge, 4016 Ryland Drive, Springfield; $132,000.

Jeremy and Amber Dobbins to AJ Ridge Investments LLC, 4543 Laredo St., Springfield; $0.

Justin and Tera Mohler to 67 Helena LLC, 4335 Helena Court, Springfield; $239,000.

Jafar A. Musheer to Akiilah Musheer, 1644 Delmar Drive, Springfield; $0.

Donald J. and Patricia L. Geron to Patricia L. Geron, 4102 Ashton Lane, Springfield; $0.

Jennifer R. and Aaron H. Shaffer to John T. and Teresa K. Simkin, trustees, 4132 Ashton Lane, Springfield; $315,000.

Philip M. and Janice E. Bobay to Janice E. Bobay, 1766 Calais Drive, Springfield; $0.

Jason L. Rader to Jacob S. Barnes, 4265 Tudor Circle, Springfield; $196,000.

Ashley and Michael Estep to Coastal Plus Investments LLC, 1325 Westview Ave., Springfield; $0.

Ruby L. Heronemus, trustee, to Jeri R. Klein, 5685 Victorian Way, Springfield; $185,000.

Beth Cochran to Beth Cochran, 10 Villa Road, Springfield; $0.

Pamela J. Chris to Bethany K. Palermo, 5471 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $259,900.

Ronald E. and Lisa M. Fent to Ronald E. Fent, 2913 Cumberland Drive, Springfield; $0.

Lorraine K. Thomas to Stephen O. Sims, 2225 Shawnee Ave., Springfield; $51,200.

Mark A. and Cindy L. Rauch to William T. and Sara J. Whitmore, 1000 White Oak Drive, Springfield; $354,900.

Howard D. and Deborah A. Rude, trustees, to Katilyn M. and Jason L. Rader, 2300 Ridge Road, Springfield; $335,000.

Michael and Courtney Allen to William Dunsmuir, 2571 E. Possum Road, Springfield; $60,000.

William W. Tillman II to Jacob E. and Caitlin Mershon, 2108 Perkins Drive, Springfield; $278,000.

Millie A. McNeal to Derek and Emily Green, 308 Birch Road, Springfield; $147,000.

Tucker and Emily Armstrong to Zackerey Howald, 843 Oneida Drive, Springfield; $335,000.

Carlene H. Childs to Molly Gerard, 1616 Selma Road, Springfield; $114,000.

Jacquelyn R. Juergens to Peter J. and Lisa L. Miller, 2660 Prestwick Village Circle, Springfield; $290,000.

Venitta J. Haythe to Olivia D. Bowers and Gavin M. Risner, 3300 Glouster St., Springfield; $196,000.

Stelter LLC to Treto Properties LLC, 824 W. North St., Springfield; $40,000.

Tina M. Brown to Dion L. Stevens, 240 N. Shaffer St., Springfield; $0.

Megan Salyers to Tyler Salyers, 230 N. Shaffer St., Springfield; $0.

Bankunited N A to Simmer Breeze LTD, 1333 Lamar Drive, Springfield; $61,500.

Wealthy Gardner Holdings LLC to Treto Properties LLC, 425-435 W. Third St., Springfield; $425,000

Constance Denney to Diann R. and Joshua Keyes, 220 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield; $231,300.

Keith and Mariah Bunker to Mariah Bunker, 2111 Beatrice St., Springfield; $0.

Constance Denney to Danial Hill, 102 Belleaire Ave., Springfield; $120,000.

Vanover Holdings LLC to Vanover Rentals LLC, 2225 Tavenner St., Springfield; $0.