Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0280: Rocket Mortgage, LLC F/K/A Quicken Loans, LLC F/K/A Quicken Loans Inc. v. CitiBank, N.A., Clark County Treasurer, Jane Doe, Name Unknown, Spouse of Jerry L McFarland, Jr., Jerry L. McFarland, JR, TD Bank USA NA Successor in Interest to target National Bank, foreclosure.

23CV0281: Carol A. Metzger, Stephen T. Metzger v. City of Springfield Ohio c/o Jill Allen Law Director, punitive and compensatory damages.

23CV0282: Christopher R Jones, Deceased Dominick S Kealy, Dependent, Christopher R Jones, Deceased Pyper Hively, Dependent v. John Logue Administrator Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, West Wind Construction LLC, workers compensation.

23CV0283: Self Help Ventures Fund v. Cavalry SPV I LLC c/o CT Corporation System s/a, Treasurer Of Clark County, Daniel Winslow, Daniel H. Winslow, Maria Winslow, Maria F. Winslow, foreclosure.

23CV0284: First Financial Bank v. First Financial Bank, Jason M. Mcfadden, DECEASED, The Unknown Heirs Devisees Legatees Executors Administrators Spouses and Assigns and the Unknown Guardians of Minor and / or Incompetent Heirs of Jason M Mcfadden, Unknown Spouse of Jason M. Mcfadden, foreclosure.

23CV0285: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Jason P. Foster, action for money.

23CV0286: Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 2021 NMR1 v. Kimberly Ackley, Clark County Treasurer, State of Ohio Department of Taxation, Unknown Spouse, If Any of Kimberly Ackley, foreclosure.

23CV0287: Alivia Aldrich, Jessica Aldrich v. Teresa Kaveney, Ohio Department of Medicaid, personal injury.

23CV0288: Monica Yinger v. Any Jane & John Does, any XYZ- Corporations or Other entities that Contributed to Plaintiff’s Harm- Names and Addresses Unknown, Speedway LLC, UMR, complaint for damages.

Marriage licenses:

Sidney M. Ryman, 25, of Springfield, warehouse and Anthony F. Hubbard, 36, of Springfield, general manager.

Property transfers:

Kelli J. and William J. Robinson III to Kelli Robinson, 612 E. Rose St., Springfield; $0.

Reyes Rental LLC to WLD Investments Co. LLC, 419 E. Rose St., Springfield; $23,900.

Yvonne Coffey to Jeremy Stewart, 321 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $2,000.

Uri A. Carillo Mendez to Aragon Property Management LLC, 418 Linden Ave., Springfield; $0.

Rita R. Gouldborne to Curtis A. Simmons, 324-326 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; $0.

Alice Dill to Jennifer and Jonathan Dill, 107 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; $0.

Terry L. Maynard to Angela Campbell, 432 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; $0.

Kelli J. and William J. Robinson III to Kelli Robinson, 601-603 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $0.

Uri Carrillo to Aragon Property Management LLC, 1130 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield; $0.

Network of Interfaith Hospitality to Alfred Haynes, 421 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; $90,000.

Uri Carrillo to Aragon Property Management LLC, 820-822 Olive St., Springfield; $0.

Springforward to City of Springfield Ohio, 68 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $0.

Simms Center Street Towns LTD to Chad M. and Melissa A. Mason, 6 N. Center St., Springfield; $302,400.