Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Zackary and Lindsey Koehn to Dustin L. and Ariel Briggs, 4052 Harris Lane, Springfield; $265,000.

Albert and Connie S. Eisinger to Gary and Diane Shannon, 1876 Willow Lakes Drive, Springfield; $280,000.

James A. and Rae J. Rager to Rae J. Rager, 2344 Willow Road, Springfield; none.

James P. Shivler III to Tina M. and James P. III Shivler, 709 Hiser Ave., Springfield; none.

Zachary M. Harvey to Christina Martin, 5315 Richmoor Road, Springfield; $164,900.

Amy L. Buchholtz to Jacob E. Buchholtz, 5136 Taywell Drive, Springfield; none.

Jacob A. and Brittany M. B. Neal to Uriel Martinez and Maria G. Guzman, 2999 Myers Road, Springfield; $535,000.

Connie Kendall to Matthew R. Kendall, 4665 Spence Road, Springfield; none.

Douglas H. Grimes to Douglas H. Grimes, trustee, 12320 Ayers Pike, New Carlisle; none.

Freddie E. and Terri A. Hansel to Freddie E. and Terri A. Hansel, trustees, 2025 Addison-New Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; none.

Cris K. and Cynthia L. Hartsock to Cris K. Hartsock, 287 S. Main St., North Hampton; none.

Kristy D. Speary to Theodore B. Guetig, 51 First St., North Hampton; $199,900.

Monticello Homes Day LLC to Cesar R. Silva, 286 Hampton Trail, Springfield; $235,000.

Phillip W. and Joan G. Garrett to Grant and Gregory Kaffenbarger, 265 Hampton Trail, Springfield; $289,700.

Sharma S. Bumgardner to Bumgardner Properties LLC, 2239-2241 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna; none.