Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0514: Rhonda Cosby v. Larry Harlow, Nicole Harlow, Hastings Mutual Insurance Company, UMR, action for money.

22CV0515: MyCUmortgage, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Robert R. Smith, Robert Ray Smith, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Robert R Smith aka Robert Ray Smith, United States of America, Department of Housing and Urbana Development, foreclosure.

22CV0516: Fifth Third Bank, National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, Bryant Zimmerman, Jane Doe Name Unknown, the Unknown Spouse of Bryant Zimmerman, if any, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Katrena Buell, 34, of South Vienna, electrical design and Steven Gulling, 39, of South Vienna, permaculture designer.

Property transfers:

Judith A. And Robert E. Lanter to Robert Frank James, 1736 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $62,000.

West Eliot to Carrillo Group LLC, 1720 Highland Ave., Springfield; $42,700.

Barbara G. Hart to Buyers LLC, 1816 Morgan St., Springfield; $45,000.

Comfort Living LLC to Carah Malone, 1601 E. Home Road, Springfield; $197,000.

Cathy Ernst to Ashley Maloney, 132 W. Perrin Ave., Springfield; none.

Qiana Shropshire to Jeffrey Mefford and Stephanie Coffey, 1609 Wittenberg Blvd., Springfield; $150,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Buyers LLC, 521 Rice St., Springfield; $45,000.

Mary and Willie Johnson to Mary Johnson, 1518 Clay St., Springfield; none.

Jerry and Lucinda L. O’Neill to Lucinda L. O’Neill, 133 Prairie Ave., Springfield; none.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Krystal K. Potter, 2018 Clifton Ave., Springfield; none.

Ashley Hagans and Justin Perdue to Rusty and Frances Keller, 321 Monroe St., Springfield; $69,000.