Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0092: Andre Kelley v. Mark Graham, National General Insurance Company, Ohio Department of Medicaid, personal injury.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Kelly McAtee, trustees to Kelly McAtee, trustee, 418 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $40,000.

George D. Combs to Sheena K. Brooks, 23 Roseland Ave., Springfield; none.

Steve Biggs to McKenzie Investments and Consulting LLC, 1606 Karr St., Springfield; $33,000.

Nancy A. and John L. Schalm to Nancy A. Schalm, 2721 Hilltop Ave., Springfield; none.

Under God Roof LLC to Premier Property Rentals Ltd., 1436 East St., Springfield; none.

George D. Combs to Shannon K. Ditty, 1411 Schiller Ave., Springfield; none.

Brian K. DeWell to Brian K. and Heather J. DeWell, 1614 Sweetbriar Lane, Springfield; none.

Tammera Lynn Osborne to Anthony S. and Theresa Williamson, 1923 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $160,000.

Tammy L. Matthews to Del18 Investments LLC, 824 Mound St., Springfield; $37,500.

MMJ 84 LLC to Ram and Ambika Gurung, 1215 E. High St., Springfield; $214,000.

Springfields Eatery LLC to Shawn Rife, 915 E. Pleasant St., Springfield; none.

George Allen Ogden to Shawn Keyes II, 1589 Mound St., Springfield; $70,000.

Ashmore Properties LLC to Derek Brown, 422 Willard Ave., Springfield; $109,000.

Michael R. and Theresa A. Ratliff to Brian Morgan, 503 Linwood Ave., Springfield; $20,000.

David S. and Christianne C. Heckle Stiles to Lorena Suttles, 920 Elder St., Springfield; $49,000.

William R. Craycraft to Linda L. Craycraft, 837-839 Selma Road, Springfield; none.