Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Dave Green Investments LLC to Gonzalo Rodriguez, 836 W. Dibert Ave., Springfield; $7,000

Bobbi Cunningham to Jessie Edwards, 927 Innisfallen Ave., Springfield; no fee

Joann J. and Martin Nowak Jr., to Dark Green Investments LLC, 1002 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; $2,400

Timothy and Cynthia Malone to Chris Hatcher, 1522 W. Main St., Springfield; $20,000

Pamela A. Brown to Rebecca A. Webster, 530 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $45,500

Tonia M. and Steven Todd Brecount to Thai Project LLC, 1401 Lamar Dr., Springfield; $55,000

Gem Enterprise LLC to First Street Medical Plaza LLC, 1301 W. First St., Springfield; $1,525,000

Thomas E. Phillips to Lelia J. Dorman, 808 W. Second St., Springfield; $152,000