Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0178: IH Credit Union Inc. v. Dayton Werlman, action for money.

All filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Chasity Rollins, 30, of Springfield, baker and Rusty Watkins, 32, of Springfield, manufacturing laborer.

Ceaira Jordan, 25, of New Carlisle, team lead and Brandon Staley, 29, of New Carlisle, unemployed.

Jason Quinonez, 21, of Springfield, crew trainer and Edwin Mejia-Ramirez, 22, of Springfield, kitchen manager.

Property transfers:

Raymond and Lydia L. Hayes to Jon E. Douglas, 4341 Quwood Road, Springfield; $140,000

Denise M. Gordin to Bruce Davison, Columbus Cincinnati Road, South Charleston; $543,000

Johnny I and Virginia F. Davison Trustees to Davison Farms LLC, 12363 Xenia-London Road, South Charleston; no fee

Marilyn J. Franck to Gretchen Jeanne Franck, 2022 Willow Run Cr., Enon; no fee

Melda G. Pankiewicz to Aaron S. and Heidi Wade, 5417 Ottawa Dr., Fairborn; $128,600

David E. Pfeiffer to Stacie Marie and John McConehea, 2 Danzig Lane, Fairborn; $143,000

Faye A. and William Clemens to Cynthia L. Liming, 7002 Creekside Cir., Fairborn; $214,900

Marilyn Louise Sigler to Nikki J. Heath, 2915 Hustead Road, Springfield; $63,000

Bonnie S. and Paul R. Rizzo Jr., to Doreen T. and William E. Rosenbaum Sr., 4758 Hagen Road, Springfield; $495,000

Angela L. and Gregory A. West to Clinton A. Lynsey M. Evans, 4641 Sullivan Road, Springfield; no fee

Paul R. and Bonnie S. Rizzo to Doreen T. and William E. Rosenbaum Sr., 4751 Riley Road, Springfield; $495,000

Ronald P. and Linda Jo Marshall to Ashely Marie Mineros Rodriguez, 1063 Cardinal Dr., Enon; $270,000

James E. Cox to Michael W. Reid, 4648 Reno Lane, Springfield; $101,500

Dolores C. O’Callaghan to Mark E. Kerns, 1390 Oldham Dr., Springfield; $120,000