Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0262: Ohio Edison Company v. Barbra Rhome, complaint for damages.

20CV0263: Jacalyn Wilkerson v. Springfield OPCO LLC. Arbors at Springfield, Stephanie McCloud, administrator bureau of workers’ compensation, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0264: Julie McNeal v.Navistar, Inc., Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0265: William McGraw v. Richard Castello, John Does 1-10, XYZ Corporations 1-10, complaint for damages.

Property transfers:

Gary J. and Becky M. Seitz to Becky M. Seitz, 4127 Grosspoint St., Springfield; no fee

Carol E. Pavlik to Christopher M. and Linsy R. Howard, 4531 Jeremy Ave., Springfield; $297,000

James Lamar Newell to James A. and Amanda M. Boyd, 4341 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $60,000

Bryan A. Beller to Cody M. Farve, 4500 Bosart Road, Springfield; $180,000

Randall L. and Angela K. Adams to Joshua C. Krupp, 1843 Biscayne Dr., Springfield; $142,000

Boland J. Timmons and Kaylee J. Bronson to Kevin Douglas and Nikki D. Crist, 4600 Tulane Road, Springfield; $144,000

US Bank National Association Trustee to Veronica Vanbourgendien, 1110 Stanway Ave., Springfield; $81,000

Gary J. and Marsha K. Pace to Marsha K. Pace, 1143 Montego Dr., Springfield; no fee

Soap Creek 200 LLC to Christopher and Doreen Van Buskirk, Davidson Road, Mechanicsburg; no fee

Richard W. and Mamie De Hart to Mamie De Hart, 2174 Sunnyland Blvd., Springfield; no fee

Robert Lee and Tina Marie Taylor to Tracy Lockhart Williams, 700 Victory Road, Springfield; $230,000

Navy Federal Credit Union to Jose A. Anguiano, 1592 Titus Road, Springfield; $75,500

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