Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Julie Koepp to 21 N Hampton Rd LLC, 21 N. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Donald E. Whitaker to Rose Lynn LLC, 3384 Flowerdale Road, Springfield; $100,000

Toni L. and Brian C. Hellwig to Denis P. and Krisanne Mrozinski, 2726 Wildflower Dr., Springfield; $357,000

Zaw Min Bo to Shunlan Fang and Zaw Min Bo, 4195 Grey Stone Xing, Springfield; no fee

Cheryl L. Hinkle to Stephanie A. Geis and Kirk Allan Post, 2511 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $170,000

Susan C. O’Neal and Randall T. Claar to Stephanie L. and Chad M. Sisler, 3823 Lawrenceville Dr., Springfield; $131,500

Valerie J. Williams to Dennis M. and Kimberly M. McLane, 2834 Evergreen Dr., Springfield; $175,000

Michael A. and Tina L. Bailey to Sally Joy Morris, 1983 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $97,500

Arnold and Suzann Blanton to Rachael Carter and Richard B. Timberlake, 2424 Cottingham Road North, Springfield; $133,000

Lela Marie Stanforth to Brandon T. and Ariel R. Hill, 4655 E. National Road, Springfield; $174,000

Kari A. and John J. Calborn to Cheyenne Rice, 900 N. Urbana St., South Vienna; $161,900

Mark D. and Pamela L. Carpenter to Pamela L. Carpenter, 37 Oak St., South Charleston; no fee

Beverley L. Campbell to Heather Schaffer, 1513 Ridgeway Dr., Springfield; no fee

Church Christ of Enon to Jamie Moliengo, New Horizon Ave, Enon; $15,000

Eleanor J. McNeely to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 7091 Chama Trail, Enon; no fee

Douglas E. and Amy L. Hobbs to Helen M. Erickson and Richard C. Farmer, 4076 Sylvan Dr., Enon; $195,000