Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0332: Specialized Loan Servicing LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Gail B. Elm, FIA Cards Services, N.A., Unknown spouse of Gail B. Elm, If Any, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., foreclosure.

24CV0333: Jeffrey Daniels v. Brenda Wood, William C. Wood, William C. Wood, JR, William C. Wood, SR., quiet title.

24CV0334: U.S. Bank National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, Seth Treon, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Seth Treon, foreclosure.

24CV0335: SAC Finance, Inc. v. Timothy L. Boring, Crystal G. Morris, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Paree M. Furness, 23, of Springfield, accountant and Ethan H. Adkins, 23, of Springfield, operations manager.

George E. Snyder, 61, of Springfield, retired and Joyce L. Huff, 60, of Springfield, homemaker.

Property transfers:

Carillo Group LLC to Brooke E. Escue and Kenneth R. Berger, 2503 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $109,000.

Dayron McComb to Dayron McComb and LaShawna Hood, 304 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $0.

Mandi E. and Dontay R. Perrin to Mandi E. Perrin, 724 E. Rose St., Springfield; $0.

Dema Rodgers to Joe Roe, 1333 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $48,500.

Antonio Vargas and Madelyn Contreras to Miguel A. Vargas Ibarra, 102-104 S. Freeman St., Springfield; $15,000.

Gyasi Jones to Future Sights LLC, 1719 Mound St., Springfield; $45,000.

Springfield Laxmi Vinayaka LLC to VV Dixie Drive Inc., 748 Selma Road, Springfield; $100,000.

Madelyn Contreras Delgado to Santiago Vargus Ibarra, 1038 Summer St., Springfield; $10,000.

Keith G. Glenn to Mo Mad Dad Properties LLC, 831 Elder St., Springfield; $0.

Thomas Tape Distributing LLC to Das 1 Financials LLC, 1713 Sheridan Ave., Springfield; $125,000.

Frost Home Solutions LLC to Garlind Properties LTD, 1554 Kenton St., Springfield; $105,000.

Nikki E. Cherry to Jacob and Christopher Parcels, 720 E. Cassilly St., Springfield; $125,000.

Cynthia L. Cydrus to Mo Mad Dad Properties LLC, 1225 Highland Ave., Springfield; $0.

Carrillo Group LLC to Natalie C. Wright, 1720 Highland Ave., Springfield; $153,000.

Oliver Bane to JAMSRI LLC, 904 Mitchell Blvd., Springfield; $45,000.

Berner Real Estate Investments LLC to GSP Wittenberg Avenue LLC, 229 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $1,000,000.

Berner Real Estate Investments LLC to GSP Wittenberg Avenue LLC, 230, 234, 240 W. Clark St., Springfield; $1,000,000.

Berner Real Estate Investments LLC to GSP Wittenberg Avenue LLC, 518-520, 526-528 S. Lowry Ave., Springfield; $1,000,000.

Berner Real Estate Investments LLC to GSP Wittenberg Avenue LLC, 501 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $1,000,000.

Patrick Valbrun and Angeline Valburn to Patrick Valbrun and Angeline Valbrun, 670 Homeview Ave., Springfield; $0.

Mackenzie and Alyssa Conkling to Alymac Properties LLC, 235 E. Liberty St., Springfield; $0.

Bobbie J. Cline to Thomas E. and Thomas M. Grimes, 102 E. Cassilly St., Springfield; $75,000.

The Trustee Bank of New York Mellon to Herlex Duromain, 365 E. McCreight Ave., Springfield; $35,000.

Cordell R. Wilson to Ronnie Moore, 233 E. Cecil St., Springfield; $93,000.

Tschida Investments LLC to Antoine Etienne, 460 E. Cassilly St., Springfield; $158,000.

Simms Center Street Townes LTD to Helena E. Fox, 7 Mill Run Place, Springfield; $304,900.

Simms Center Street Townes LTD to Kirk E. and Michelle R. Hines, 3 Mill Run Place, Springfield; $302,900.

Thomas E. Saldivar to Timothy Reid, 605-607 Chestnut Ave., Springfield; $65,000.

Roo and Moose LLC to Robert V. Graziano Jr., 2034 N. Fountain Blvd., Springfield; $415,000.

Victory and Judy B. Girdler to Guerdie Jean and Israel Demosthene, 133 Roosevelt Drive, Springfield; $210,000.

Mary I. Mickle and Susan Jennings to Susan Jennings, 14 Oaklawn Ave., Medway; $0.

Mercedes King to Virginia M. and Bobby G. Sparks, 147 Dogwood Road, Medway; $0.

James F. Elliott Jr. to Thomas and Marry A. Scanlon, 845 Cliffside Drive, New Carlisle; $165,000.

Kimberly J. and Marilyn J. Smith to Loretta Brown, 117 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $150,000.

E. Childers Enterprises I LTD to Winston Childers, 891 Bellefontaine Road, New Carlisle; $20,000.

Michael L. and Kathleen E. Stone to Corey Wellman, 5117 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $203,500.

George R. and Dorothy L. Cheek to Dorothy L. Cheek, 5895 W. National Road, Springfield; $0.