Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Amy Lee Mock, 55, of Enon, deli manager and James Douglas Gilmore, 67, of Enon, retired.

Alvaro Guox Ajanel, 21, of Springfield, receiving and Angelica Guox, 28, of Springfield, stay-at-home mom.

Rae Jean Forrest, 44, of Springfield, stay-at-home-grandma and Joe Randall, 41, of Springfield, forklift.

Property transfers:

Charla L. and Brian E. Mick to Demar George Heslop, 8966 W. National Road, New Carlisle; $185,000

Daniel E. and Cassie A. Berner to Karen Holdings LLC, 28 Sunset Dr., Medway; $101,800

Christopher Edwards to Marillis K. and Nikolaus P. Mrozinski, 9937 Sheryl Road, New Carlisle; $285,000

Mary K. and William R. Goins to William R. Goins, 565 Bowser Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Genesis 7 Properties Limited to George Rodriguez, 1115 Bookwalter Ave., New Carlisle; $125,000

Caitlin A. Robinson to Jean L. and Thomas S. Brink, 1103 Grissom Ave., New Carlisle; $127,000

Brenda P. and Dean A. Clark Trustees to James Steven and Amanda Criner, 105 S. Clay St., New Carlisle; $172,000

Eloise Mae Fallen to Steve Fallen, 236 Galewood Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Anna F. and Charles C. Coffey Jr., to Venture Real Estate Group LLC, 201 Deerfield Dr., New Carlisle; $130,000

JL Properties Services LLC to Scott C. Newman, 511 Scott Cir., New Carlisle; no fee

Dustin M. Pyles to Rachel K. and Dustin M. Pyles, 4444 Johnson Road, Springfield; no fee

Alexis K. Ilges to Ila F. and LLoyd W. Crawford, 6126 Knollwood Road, Springfield; $249,500

Fabenne M. Brandenburg to Brian G. Sammons, 4660 Johnson Road, Springfield; $164,900

Larry T. Swistoski to William Thomas Cottingham, 5353 Selma Pike, Springfield; $77,000

Justin E. and Brett E. Weaver to Keith E. and Stephanie M. Ward, 4330 Quwood Road, Springfield; $185,000