Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0289: Dina L. Bell v. Lee A. Morgan, JR, complaint for damages.

23CV0290: Matthew E. Davis v. Cigna Insurance Agency, LLC, Ride Motorcycles, Inc d/b/a Ride 1 Powersports, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, personal injury.

23CV0291: HCF of Crestview Inc., Village at the Greene v. Melvin McMullen, Miqhaela McMullen, HCF Management, Inc., HCF of Crestview Inc., John Doe Corporation 1-5, John Doe Employers #1-5, John Doe Nurses #1-5, John Doe Physicians 1-5, Abby J. McGhee, R.T., Village at the Greene, A Registered Trade Name of HCF of Crestview, Inc., breach of contract.

23CV0292: Springfield SNF, Inc., dba Northwood Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation v. Lois McManamay, action for money.

23CV0293: Anthony Locker v. Ertith F. Johnston, Willie A. Johnston, personal injury.

23CV0294: Capital One, N.A. v. Marques Q. Knox, JR, breach of contract.

23CV0295: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Abigail K. Lewis, breach of contract.

23CV0296: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Jason Allen, action for money.

23CV0297: PNC Bank, National Association Successor by Merger to National City Morgage Co. v. Clark County Treasurer, Jane Doe, Name Unknown, Spouse of Jeffrey A. Spencer, Jeffrey Spencer, Jeffrey A. Spencer, foreclosure.

23CV0298: Citizens Bank, N.A. v. Clark County Treasurer, Betty Sherman, The Unknown Spouse, Creditors, Executors, Executrices, Administrators, Heirs at Law, Next of Kin, Devisees, Legatees, and/or Assigns, and Their Spouses, Creditors, Executors, Executrices, Administrators, Heirs at Law, Next of Kin, Legatees, Devisees, and/or Assigns, if any, of Kathleen A Fallucca, AKA Kathleen Ann Fallucca Addresses Unknown, The Unknown Spouse, if any, of Betty Sherman, foreclosure.

23CV0299: Fifth Third Bank, National Association c/o Fifth THird Bank v. Onemain Financial Group, LLC Successor by Merger to American General Financial Services, Inc. c/o CT Corporation System, Agent, State of Ohio, Department of Taxation c/o Attorney General, Collections Enforcement Section, Treasurer of Clark County, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Jeannine R. White, Jeannine R. White, foreclosure.

Property transfers:

Vicky Torch to Andrea Berner, 320 S. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; $390,000.

Barbara M. Witt and John A Zaroba to Barbara M. Witt, 10644 Kendig Road, New Carlisle; $0.

Paul E. and Shirley Ann Conrad to Robert Gibbs, 820 Bellows Drive, New Carlisle; $163,000.

Bryant Family Properties LLC to APNH Properties LLC, 333-339 W. Jefferson St., New Carlisle; $584,900.

Bryant Family Properties LLC to APNH Properties LLC, 110-112 S. Scott St., New Carlisle; $584,900.

Levi M. Minerd and Daysi E. Mattingly to Sierra Grieves, 611 Brookfield Drive, New Carlisle; $138,000.

Christina Brady to Christopher and Aimee Morgan, 910 Leatherwood Drive, New Carlisle; $138,000.

Jeffrey A. Christmas, trustee, and Melanie C. Hunt, 216 Zimmerman St., New Carlisle; $140,000.

Sawyer N. McIntyre to Shawn Curtis, 415 W. Washington St., New Carlisle; $135,000.

Robin and Sarah Wilkes to B & D Exchange LLC, 5547 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield; $150,000.