Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Robert and Susan E. Anania to Susan Anania, 10862 Chenowith Road, South Charleston; no fee

Karen K. Young and Robert J. Richards to Karen K. Richards, 6254 Old Springfield Road, South Charleston; no fee

Berl McAdams to Colin McAdams, 8952 Selma Park, South Charleston; no fee

Kimberly A. Artis to Cody Jackson and Courtney R. Unangst, 23 E. Columbus Road, South Charleston; $165,000

Cody J. and Courtney R. Unangst to Abigail R. King, 213 Short Road, South Charleston; $122,000

Barbara A. Claar and James E. Lyons to James E. Lyons, Old Mill Road, Springfield; no fee

Raymond Adams to Douglas E. and Amy L. Hobbs, 2120 Ash Brook Dr., Springfield; $310,000

Paul J. and Elzabe K. Huffman to Elzabe K. Huffman, 2603 Brookdale Dr., Springfield; no fee

Lewis Construction Inc to Terence M. and Diane M. Johnson, 5764 Hillgrove Cir., Fairborn; $63,400

John T. and Betty J. Posey to Larry A. Bannick, 4386 Joy Dr., Enon; $143,400

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