Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court

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Clark County Common Pleas Court

Marriage licenses:

Heather Jordan, 49, of Springfield, hairdresser and Jack Ayers, 46, of London, OH., DOD contract security.

Keith Smith, 56, of Springfield, mail carrier and Georgia Cron, 46, of Springfield, mail carrier.

Mallory Rice, 24, of New Carlisle, registered nurse and Joshua Johnson, 28, of New Carlisle, mechanic.

Tisha Mckinster, 40, of Springfield, unemployed and Aaron Wilcox, 42, of Springfield, construction.

Mark Miller, 54, of Springfield, factory and Rosalie Schubert, 54, of Piqua, factory.

Property transfers:

Nezhad Family Limited Partnership to Springfield Gentle Dental Real Estate, 2540 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $395,000

Eleanor B. Acton to Douglas J. Acton, 549 Rensselaer Dr., Springfield; $165,000

Kenneth A. and Rosemary Starling to Kenneth A. Starling, 2938 Archer Lane, Springfield; no fee

Elizabeth W. Cox to Elizabeth W. and William P. Damewood, 3320 N. Argonne Lane, Springfield; no fee

Sue Devoe Allen to Edward Lorents, W. Rose St., Springfield; $3,100

Murray B. and Eyvonne K. Houston to Eyvonne K. Houston, 1120 McCain Ave., Springfield; no fee

Kenneth Elizabeth Munger to Saucedo Properties LLC, 1315 Jefferson St., Springfield; $36,800

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