Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0301: New Rez LLC and Shellpoint Mortgage Company v. Evelyn M. Smith, Ronald L. Vanhoose, Clark County Treasurer, United States of America, foreclosure.

21CV0302: Midfirst Bank v. Tobin M. Price v. United States of America, Discover Bank Issuer of Doscover Card, Jane Doe, Jill Doe, Clark County Treasurer, foreclosure.

All files are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Rick Alan Zizak, 61, of New Carlisle, director of IT and Sandra Jean Zizak, 58, of New Carlisle, admin secretary.

Dakota Lynn Griggs, 26, of Springfield, quality inspector and Brandon Michael Stacey, 25, of Springfield, polisher.

Property transfers:

Timothy E. Castle to Bradley J. Castle, 3307 Vineyard St., Springfield; $125,000

Scott Crall Jr., to Latosha N. and Jon M. Burkhardt, 2939 Erter Dr., Springfield; no fee

Melinda Deanna and John Eric Holcomb to Cartus Financial Corporation, 2806 Conowoods Dr., Springfield; $240,000

Roger T. Smith to Catherine Regina Pickett, 1811 St. Andrews Ct., Springfield; $204,900

Madison R. Bryant to Nancy J. Frye, 1040 Armsgate Road, Springfield; $145,000

Nancy Pavlatos to Nancy and Thales N. Pavlatos Trustees, 2790 Kilkenny Dr., Springfield; no fee

Richard A. Zirkman to Andrew N. Rice, Greystone Lane, Springfield; $33,500

Moundwood Associates LLC to Michael Turner, 5 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $12,000

Roy J. Perkins to Mumma AAQ LLC, 410 S. William St., Springfield; $20,000

Natalie R. Buffington to David and Terri Ratliff, 315 N. Jackson St., Springfield; $38,000