Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0386: Lendmark Financial Services, LLC v. David Harris, Brenda Lucas, breach of contract.

24CV0387: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Clark County Treasurer, Danielle Schultz, Danielle N. Schultz, Mark R. Schultz, Mark R. Schultz, JR, foreclosure.

24CV0388: Mortgage Assets Management, LLC, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. v. Clark County Treasurer, John Doe Name Unknown, the Unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, beneficiaries of Andrew J Repp, Jr., and their unknown spouses and creditors; and the unknown spouse of Andrew J Repp, Jr., Dorothy A. Repp, The United States of America, The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Gatlyn C. Berner, 22, of Springfield, server and Bretton M. Bethel, 26, of Pensacola, FL, Air Force.

Property transfers:

Peter Kruse to Joshua and Jack R. Elsman Jr., 8090 Ulery Road, New Carlisle; $321,000.

Sierra M. Stahl to Caleb Carter, 32 N. Main St., North Hampton; $124,000.

Dewey R. and Karla Miller to Karla Miller, 9686 Jones Road, South Vienna; $0.

Deborah K. Cuckler to Jacob T. Wotring, 4991 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, Mechanicsburg; $0.

Jack D. and Pamela S. and Linda L. Bowshier to KT Legir LLC, 2580, 2598 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $81,500.

John R. and Judy K. Sheridan to Judy K. Sheridan, 2820 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $0.

Neher Burial Vault Co, Inc. to Richwood Investment Company LLC, 1903 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $600,000.

Josh and Carrie L. Wooten to Melissa R. Stoll, 501 Kramer Road, Springfield; $145,000.

Gerald L. and Sherry L. Wilson to Christopher Wilson, 3284 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; $162,000.

Sharla Dukes to Daniel L. Hill, 2210 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; $190,000.

Tyler W. Otstot to Cheyenne and Andrew Coning, 3715 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $265,000.

Brandon Windle to Rocky L. Brooks, 213 Highview Ave., Springfield; $153,000.

Christina A. Walters to Tyler W. Tucker, 3240 Vineyard St., Springfield; $175,000.

James S. Franks to Gary and Mary E. Beekman, 2832 Ashlar Drive, Springfield; $312,000.

Michelle B. Lord to Lyndsay A. Phillips, 1156 Ryan Road, Springfield; $320,000.

Richard E. and Ruth A. Blevins to Ruth A. Blevins, 3215 Snow Owl Court, Springfield; $0.

Stanley L. and Royletta E. Duncan to Stanley L. Duncan, 1015 Abington Place, Springfield; $0.

Rhonda Prater to Deidria M. Washington, 1147 Brixton Drive N., Springfield; $175,000.

Clara Bull to Ronald Earley, 1143 Derby Road, Springfield; $199,900.

Mary B. Walder to Mary B. Walder, trustee, 1609 Marinette Drive, Springfield; $0.

Linda G. Waldren to Linda G. Watson, 1125 Torrence Drive, Springfield; $0.

Lana K. Hughes to Gabriel T. Mefford, 2413 Garland Ave., Springfield; $170,000.

Kevin L. and Kym J. Couch to Kevin L. Couch, 2272 Rockford Drive, Springfield; $0.

Buck Creek LLC to Colton Caffee, 1415 Eastgate Road, Springfield; $194,500.

McPheron Group LLC to Sidney Slaughter, 601 Mead Lane, Springfield; $79,200.

Elizabeth A. and Kenneth E. Ackerman to Elizabeth A. Ackerman, 1241 Jefferson St., Springfield; $0.

Chantiara T. Wright to Shawntia Oates, 409 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; $47,000.

Meghan M. Prendergast to Rebecca M. Harris, 1314 Broadway St., Springfield; $136,000.

Linda M. Beals to Randall L. and Rita C. Hunt, 522 Northwood Drive, Springfield; $325,000.

Beth A. Thatcher to MRVS LLC, 1233, 1239 W. First St., Springfield; $430,000.

Beth A. Thatcher to MRVS LLC, 1233 Troy Road, Springfield; $430,000.

Beth A. Thatcher to MRVS LLC, 1228 Albemarle Road, Springfield; $430,000.

Louis E. and Patricia A. Lenover to Roger E. Clemans, 715 Dayton Ave., Springfield; $50,000.

Harvey Bank, trustee to Paul E. Cafaro and Darla D. Bowman, 377 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield; $60,000.

Buck Creek LLC to Pierre C. Mingot, 625 S. Douglas Ave., Springfield; $137,500.

Stanley Duncan to Brayden R. P. and Desirea Curtis, 911 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; $92,500.

Dustin S. Grim to Timothy and Kristal Smith, 620 Gruen Drive, Springfield; $45,200.

Jason K. and Mandy K. McCleary to Jason K. McCleary, 2300 Beatrice St., Springfield; $0.

Jimmie S. Branam Jr. to Lilly Fowler, 1402-1404 N. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $0.

Trina A. Knotts to Randy and Heather Smoot, 2481 Hilltop Ave., Springfield; $53,000.

Eydie M. Cox to Jack and John Bruce, 811 E. Rose St., Springfield; $80,000.