Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0512: Wesbanco Bank, Inc. v. Jennifer Bolvin, Clark County Auditor and Clark County Treasurer, action for money.

24CV0513: LVNV Funding LLC v. Francis Laird, action for money.

24CV0514: Gene D. Rapp v. Navistar, Inc. and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator, Bureau of Workers Comp Appeal.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Charlie L. Payne, 50, of New Carlisle, and Jerri L. Murray, 56, of New Carlisle, self employed.

Property transfers:

Donald F. Fain to 706 S. Burnett Inc., 331 N. Burnett Road, Springfield; $45,000.

Gale A. Poole, trustee to Jo Anna Valentine and Scott M. Fletcher, 130 N. Burnett Road, Springfield; $118,000.

Chris Haggy to FCFS OH Inc., 2817-2829 E. Main St., Springfield; $275,000.

Ty Peshek and Lori McFarland Peshek to Wildcat Rentals LLC, 2505 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $42,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John Manus, 1527 Parker St., Springfield; $0.

Eric T. Woodland to Dustin M. and Kathy Owens, 918-920, 934-936 Southfield Ave., Springfield; $60,000.

Clay Gill to Clay Gill, 1310 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $0.

Shayne T. Gill to Shayne T. and Cassie J. Gill, 1522 Selma Road, Springfield; $0.

Arthur R. and Ruth A. Ratliff to Ruth A. Ratliff, 114 Lincoln Ave., Springfield; $0.

Max DeLong to Geraldine Murray, 934 Harrison St., Springfield; $5,000.

Karl Alexandrunas to 1585 Mount Street LLC, 1585 Mound St., Springfield; $0.

Bryant Family Properties LLC to DeVore Real Estate LLC, 1723-1725 Mound St., Springfield; $91,000.

Carlyne Orr to Sony Auguste, 359 Linwood Ave., Springfield; $158,000.

Carlyne Orr to Steven Pierre, 372 Ludlow Ave., Springfield; $216,300.

Tri State Forest Products Inc. to Tier One Distribution LLC, 1809, 1817 Sheridan Ave., Springfield; $0.

Mad River Enterprise LLC to Xtruda Properties LTD, 1215 Warder St., Springfield; $300,000.

Terance Sheppard to ISL Properties LLC, 1587 Warder St., Springfield; $48,000.

Cheryl D. and Richard West to Richard West, 235 Rosewood Ave., Springfield; $0.

Deysi Aldana and Angel Porcayo, 1511 Woodward Ave., Springfield; $18,000.

Comfort Living LLC to Steevenson Aaryn V. Persona, 1437 S. Limestone St., Springfield; $40,000.

Rebecca A. and Clifford E. Smith Sr. to Ernest W. Tawiah, 1821 Center Blvd., Springfield; $57,800.

Jamie E. Coe to Christian Dearmond, 225 Rice St., Springfield; $8,000.

Clark County Mental Health Board to Telfair Investments LLC, 50 W. High St., Springfield; $190,000.

Jessy Maynard to Fiocene Fanceus, 209-211 E. Pleasant St., Springfield; $13,000.

Pam Jones to Charles Duno, 202 W. Liberty St., Springfield; $90,000.

Notes Rescue LLC to Margareth Bazin and Pierre Murat, 44-46 W. State St., Springfield; $25,000.

Dean Schinnerer to Gid Properties LLC, 314-316 Chestnut Ave., Springfield; $0.

James D. Payton to Tammy M. Hawkey, 115 Ardmore Road, Springfield; $275,000.

Joshua D. and Erin F. Drake to Melodie Gaspard, 120-122 E. Harding Road, Springfield; $155,000.

Lynne J. Blankenship to Christopher Monroe, 225 E. Third St., Springfield; $170,000.