Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0843: Lightning Rod Mutual Insurance Company, WR Hackett Wholesale Fruit and Cold Storage Inc. v. Tanya M. Willmeth, action for money.

23CV0844: Calvin Anderson, Lillian Anderson v. David Gilbert, Terra Gilbert, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Maegan C. Lewis, 30, of New Carlisle, service advisor and Jaron W. Bobo, 27, of New Carlisle, receiving team member.

Devin A. Bowlin, 19, of Enon, U.S. Army and Cady D. Stewart, 18, of Enon, unemployed.

Property transfers:

Michael Briggs II and Christina George to 850 852 E. McCreight Ave LLC, 850-852 E. McCreight Ave., Springfield; $0.

Lawrence E. and Patricia A. Cameron to Lawrence E. Cameron, 1710 S. Center Blvd., Springfield; $0.

Kimberly McCohn to Ayman Iamail and Omar A. Alkashkish, 424 E. Rose St., Springfield; $0.

Marilyn B. Roberts to Marie J. Brunache Bolivian, 417 Catherine St., Springfield; $27,500.

Dean and Sherie Roby to Elmer Adelaido and Roblero Gonzalez, 1518 Linden Ave., Springfield; $0.

Thai Project LLC to Jose A. Guevara, 133 Prairie Ave., Springfield; $15,000.

Roger A. See to Karen E. Baumle, 2038 Erie Ave., Springfield; $60,000.

Oliver Bane to Leader Homes LLC, 2217 Clifton Ave., Springfield; $90,000.

Ronald E. and Christina K. Allison to Critela Joseph, 2231 Clifton Ave., Springfield; $99,500.

Shirika Brown to Beverly Dietz, 333 W. Grand Ave., Springfield; $47,900.

Linda Duty to Steven W. Duty, 803 Linden Ave., Springfield; $0.

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Tierra Mia Investments LLC, 133-135 E. Liberty St., Springfield; $175,000.

Los Compadres Properties LLC to Jorge Gonzalez, 907-909 Linden Ave., Springfield; $60,000.