Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0442: Bryon K Spicer and Kay M Spicer Joint Revocable Living Trust Dated January 1, 1989, as Restated and Amended November 14, 2008, and Futher Amendments v. Whitney Walsh, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Steven Jeffers, 42, of Enon, truck driver and Kasie Flat, 35, of Enon, nurse, RN.

Paul-Miachael Harris, 22, of Springfield landlord and Meagan Robinson, 23, of Springfield, manager.

William Depugh, 20, of Washington Courthouse, construction and Makayla Bobst, 20, of South Charleston, cosmetologist.

Property transfers:

Robert Bruce Jr., trustee to Carly Crawford and Matthew D. Slanaker, 3128 Bristol Drive, Springfield; $147,900.

Daniel J. and Anne E. Smith to Nicholas and Amber Holdeman, 740 Santa Monica Ave., Springfield; $230,000.

Joseph B. and Karla S. Brumfield to Karla S. Brumfield, 1535 Providence Ave., Springfield; none.

Alexandra Narma and John Sinner Jr. to Adrian M. Baldwin, 1414 Eastgate Road, Springfield; $178,000.

Edna Nissley to Lavern and Ronda Nissley, trustees, 2937 Archer Lane, Springfield; $115,000.

Hanna and Richard Mays to Ervin L. and Cheryl R. Hargrave, 3135 N. Argonne Lane, Springfield; $127,000.

James Burks Jr. to Pearl Burks, 510 Knickerbocker Ave., Springfield; none.