Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Shawn Piper, 53, of Springfield, courier and Joy Fenton, 52, of Springfield, medical administration.

Kylee Henry, 24, of South Charleston, production coordinator and Tyler Mackey, 26, of South Charleston, mechanic/firefighter.

Angela Zorn, 27, of South Charleston, engineer and Nicholas Kucharski, 29, of South Charleston, machining supervisor.

Property transfers:

Andrea Parrott to Eva Margarita Widay, 102 N. Mulberry St., Tremont City; $84,000

Brett M. Beamish to Kimberly Kay Edwards, 8560 Battin-Howell Road, South Charleston; $200,000

Stephen T. and Lorrie B. Lawson to Stephen Weeces, 4329 Quwood Road, Springfield; $290,000

Raymond and Lydia L. Hayes to Jon E. Douglas, 4341 Quwood Road, Springfield; $140,000

Frank Leroy Augustus to Frank L. and Penny I. Augustus Trustees, 2985 Woosley Road, South Charleston; no fee

John R. and Claudia K. Vallery Trustees to Rachel Sargent and John Robert Myers, South Charleston Pike, South Charleston; $296,000

Tracey A. Gochenouer to Keith Alan and Tracey Ann Hopper, 205 Berschet Dr., South Charleston; no fee

Shannon L. and Constance S. Jackson to Constance S. Jackson, 4845 Broadway Road, Springfield; no fee

Robert G. Riffle and Patricia A. Family to Nicole Marie Riffle, 8014 Wescott Ave., Fairborn; $151,000

Marilyn Lousie Sigler to Nikki J. Heath, 2915 Hustead Road, Springfield; $63,000