Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0183: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Michael Mcdonald, action for money.

23CV0184: Mark William Hall v. JOHN DOES 1-X, Woodruff Enterprises Inc., complaint for damages.

23CV0185: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Rebecca K. Johnson, action for money.

23CV0186: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Shonda Fent, action for money.

23CV0187: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Marc Dent, action for money.

23CV0188: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Angel Nicole Yost, action for money.

23CV0189: Nations Lending Corporation, an Ohio Corporation v. James Ray Cain, Leanne Elizabeth Cain, Discover Bank, State of Ohio, Dept. of Taxation, Treasurer of Clark County, foreclosure.

23CV0190: U.S. Bank National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, HSBC Bank USA as Trustee, Lowell A. Osborne, Unknown Spouse Of Lowell A. Osborne, Unknowns Of Patricia Osborne, foreclosure.

23CV0191: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. James Box, Patti Box, Clark County Treasurer, Jack Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse if any of Patti Luna AKA Patti Box, Jane Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse if any of William Siebold, John Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse if any of Kattie Luna, Kattie Luna, Patti Luna, Unknown Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Executors and Administrators of William Siebold, Deceased, foreclosure.

Property transfers:

Toby and Amanda J. Parlet to Jared and Jennifer Pincin, 3436 Maple Grove Road, Springfield; $385,000.

Karen Howard II to Lee D. Howard, 2579 Deer Run Road, Springfield; $0.

Curtis A. and Lacee E. Freeze to Curtis A. and Lacee E. Freeze, trustees, 3936 Pinewood Ave., Springfield; $0.

Frances E. Breyer to Courtney M. and Christopher L. Mills, 6210 Johnson Road, Springfield; $330,000.

Elden S. Glispie to Brandy L. Gibson, 6310 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $91,000.

Simmco LLC to Sheeley Spirk Enterprise LLC, 1650 Valley Loop Road, Springfield; $305,000.

William R. and Julia A. Blue to Jayne R. Athey and Tony E. Flood, 17 N. Mulberry St., Tremont City; $0.

Brian S. Pauley to Brian S. Pauley, trustee, 5220 S. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $0.

Michael Kenley to Eric T. Woodland, 3351 E. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $50,000.

Edwin D. and Barbara A. Kranz to Michael D. and Angela B. Kranz, 9582 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $0.

Jacob L. McLemore to Kathleen L. McLemore, 2843 Newlove Road, South Charleston; $0.