Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0558: MyCUmortgage, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Andre Collins, Larisa Solomon, United States of America, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Andre Collins, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

MC Home Remodeling LLC to Ronald D. and Donna J. Taulton, 7460 Timbercross Ave., Fairborn; $75,000.

Alison Campbell and John Howard Trus III to Alison Campbell, 6978 Southern Vista Drive, Enon; none.

Richard E. and Katherine A. Shaw to Jeffrey Todd and Jennifer Nicole Godby, 3940 Marion Drive, Enon; $187,000.

Sarah L. Mullins to Audrey Lynn Lutz, 3983 New York Drive, Enon; $159,000.

Sharon A. and Wendell S. Horne to Sharon A. Horne, 6596 Oak Hill Drive, Enon; none.

Bernard W. and Shelby Marshall Gay to Ashley Michelle Jensen and Justin Graham Brown, 6603 Southern Vista Drive, Enon; $180,000.

Raymond J. and Rebecca Pfeilsticker to Rebecca C. Pfeilsticker, 6837 Ginger Ave., Enon; none.

Ellen Chase and Matthew Sale to Janine Bowman and Sharon Nickols, 7025 Creekside Circle, Fairborn; $250,000.

David A. Workman to Jamie and Todd Tuttle, 4121 Chico Court, Springfield; $330,000.

Zachary R. Henry to Danny and Danielle Coates, 5527 Fowler Road, Enon; $215,000.