UPDATE: Phone and internet service returns to Clark County Board of Elections

UPDATE @ 4:32 P.M.

Phone and internet service has returned to the Clark County Board of Elections, according to director Jason Baker.

Baker said voter turnout today has been about 15 percent of registered voters, with much of that coming in the Northeastern school district area. Northeastern has a bond issue on the ballot that would allow it to build two new schools, one of the biggest issues in the area today.


The Clark County Board of Elections has reported its phone and internet service is not working at its office on East Main Street in Springfield.

The office is able to receive calls to the office through a cell phone transfer, but Board of Election Director Jason Baker said those who call might not immediately get an answer.

Baker said having no phone or internet service in the office will not affect election results or access for Clark County voters to polling locations.

Ohio voters head to the polls today in one of the most high-profile Ohio primary elections in years.

There are contested races all over the ballot, from local races to the big-money primaries for governor and U.S. Senate.

Voters will also decide on State Issue 1, a major overhaul to how the state draws congressional district lines. All told, more than 80 races and issues are on the ballot throughout the Dayton region.

Check out our online interactive voters guide to compare the candidates on the issues that matter to you and learn more about the issues on your ballot.

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