Clark and Champaign County residents: What does freedom mean to you?


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The Forth of July will bring on a different meaning to ‘freedom’ this year as many Ohioans plan gatherings and celebrations not practical last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After last year’s stay-at-home orders and this year’s mask mandates and social distancing guidelines, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine officially relaxed Ohio’s health order on June 2. With 16 months of coronavirus restrictions in the past, this fourth of July is a celebration of freedom and a return to normalcy.

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Are you a Clark or Champaign County resident? Do you have an opinion about the meaning of freedom?

What does freedom and Independence Day mean to you? Do you have a favorite memory related to Independence Day? With the country opening back up, does freedom take on a different meaning to you? What Fourth of July events or celebrations are you looking forward to?

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The Springfield News-Sun wants to know your thoughts about the meaning of freedom, the Fourth of July, and your memories associated with these topics.

Please take the time to fill out the survey below. We might use your response in a story. The deadline to submit responses is by midnight Tuesday, June 29.

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