Several renovation efforts underway for Dayton International Airport

The Dayton International Airport is making runway improvements, undergoing terminal renovations, and has added maintenance facilities to counter a decline in air carriers and available seats.

"It's a nice quick easy airport and any upgrades are always going to be good," said traveler Leighann Taylor of Celina.

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But airline mergers, the exit of Southwest Airlines, and increased ticket prices have been a struggle, according to Terry Slaybaugh, director of aviation with the city of Dayton.

We've had a rough last couple of years. The industry has gone through a lot of changes. Small hub airports to a great extent have lost a lot of air service in the United States because of consolidation," Slaybaugh said.

In 2008 there were 5,225 available seats per day at the Dayton International Airport, now there are 3,253 - a decline of nearly 38 percent.

"It's been really important for us to pay attention and do as many things as we can to keep seats in the Dayton market," said Slaybaugh.

One tactic to counter the loss is adding maintenance facilities.

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"PSA Airlines brings in 12 airplanes here every night for maintenance for American Airlines and then those planes leave here in the morning as revenue flights, so that's one of the ways we've been able to keep service," said Slaybaugh.

The upgrades to the terminal are expected to be completed by October 2019.

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