Ask Clark: I Was Planning to Use a Realtor to Sell My House but a Friend Wants to Make a Cash Offer. What Should I Do?

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Do I Have to Use a Realtor to Sell My Home if I’m Friends With the Buyer?

Jennifer from Texas: “I was planning on selling my house with a Realtor. However, a family friend says she would like to make an attractive cash offer on the house. I know Realtors typically make between 5 and 7% on the sale of a house. Do I have to use a Realtor or can we make this transaction quicker and easier somehow?”

Clark’s Take on Whether a Home Seller Needs a Realtor When the Buyer Is a Friend

Clark thinks it’s OK in this case to eliminate the “middle man,” the real estate agent.

Clark says: "What I recommend particularly with a family [or friend] transaction is that you go to a lawyer who does real estate closings and have he or she prepare the purchase or sales agreement for you and … make sure that all the things are done like both of you would want them done."

He adds: “In a case where the buyer is somebody who’s already known to you, there is not the need for a real estate agent like there would normally be. Real estate agents play a number of functions in the sale and purchasing of real estate, but the principal one is helping a buyer and seller get that match game done. You already have a match.”
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