04.08.21 Great news if you’re saving for your grandchild’s college / What you should know and do about the Facebook data breach.

Historically, 529 plans owned by grandparents negatively impacted the student’s financial aid profile. That changes this fall. Clark explains the new FAFSA rule, and the WRONG way to set up a 529 account. / The Facebook data breach involves more than half a billion people around the world. What info criminals have and what you need to do to protect your identity and your wallet. Freeze Your Credit. Security is not part of the principle architecture of how the internet works, leaving each website to protect its info. Advice for website owners who collect personal information.

Ask Clark topics include: Student loans: start with federal borrowing /  7 Best Ways to Save for Retirement in Your 50s / Best Credit Cards for Extended Warranty / Online education / Authorized user /

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