Recorder: Exploitative practice victimizing Ohio veterans

An out-of-state company is soliciting veterans in Ohio to purchase a copy of a military record for as much as $99 that is available for free.

Montgomery County Recorder Stacey Benson-Taylor and the Ohio Recorders’ Association are warning veterans to be aware that the company, identified as DD214 Direct based in Arizona, is targeting veterans to buy a copy of their DD214 form for a fee ranging from $79 to $99.

Veterans can get free copies of their military records through their local Veteran Services Commission, as well as their DD214 record at their local county recorder’s office at no charge, Benson-Taylor said in a released statement.

The DD214 form is essential for veterans to access benefits such as VA loans, disability compensation and reduced medical costs.

Veterans also can request a copy of their DD214 form at National Archives website at or print a Standard Form 180 and mail or fax it to: National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis MO 63138. The fax number is 314-801-9195.

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