Ohio hospitals recommended to require staff COVID-19 vaccines

The Ohio Hospital Association board of trustees approved a policy statement recommending Ohio hospitals independently adopt policies requiring COVID-19 vaccination for employees and staff.

The association recommended local factors determine whether, how and when such policies are implemented.

The industry group’s membership includes 245 hospitals and 15 health systems throughout the state, including all hospitals in the Dayton region. Ohio hospitals employ 251,000.

Additionally, the association strongly encourages all Ohioans, especially health care personnel, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mike Abrams, president of the hospital group, said the COVID-19 delta variant is a game changer in the fight to overcome this pandemic.

“Low vaccination rates across Ohio and the country endangers not only the unvaccinated, which includes children under 12 years old and individuals who are immunocompromised, but invites continued mutations of even more dangerous strains of the virus to develop, putting the health of our communities at serious risk,” he said in a statement.

He stated that hospital workers getting vaccinated against COVID-19 helps “ensure the long-term ability of the health care system to respond to the pandemic and the continuation of vital health care services.”

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