Coronavirus: Ohio once again beats daily record with 2,200+ new cases reported Saturday



Ohio reached a new record of coronavirus cases reported in a day with a total of 2,234 new cases reported Saturday, the Ohio State Health Department reported. There have been 180,225 cases and 5,067 deaths from coronavirus reported in Ohio as of Saturday, October 17. 13 new deaths have been reported. This record marks the fourth day in a row when Ohio has reported over 2,000 new cases.

A total of 169,811 cases and 4,759 deaths have been confirmed by the state. 99 new hospitalizations were reported today, bringing the total to 17,099. Admissions to intensive care units increased by 17, bringing the total to 3,539.

Ohio broke its daily case record for the second time in a week on Thursday with 2,178. On Friday, 2,148 cases were reported.

Gov. Mike DeWine shared concerns about Ohio’s increasing coronavirus numbers Thursday.

“We’ve gone up dramatically in a relatively short time,” DeWine said.

In mid September, Ohio was averaging less than 1,000 cases reported each day. Currently, the 21-day daily case average is 1,439.

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