Beavercreek Walmart shooting: ‘Enjoy those that you love the most,’ Dayton mass shooting survivor says

The holiday season will be different for multiple families in the Miami Valley following a mass shooting at the Beavercreek Walmart Monday night, but Fudge Foundation CEO and Oregon District shooting survivor Dion Green said he wants people to create memories with their loved ones and know they’re not alone.

“People there last night were probably just getting the last little things they needed for Thanksgiving,” he said. “But your Thanksgiving is going to be so different because you’re dealing with the symptoms of trauma now … You shouldn’t have to worry about that.”

Green was in the area when he was alerted to the Beavercreek Walmart shooting incident, and he went to the scene to provide support to people impacted.

A suspect entered the Walmart at 3360 Pentagon Blvd. in Beavercreek around 8:35 p.m. on Monday and began firing shots, injuring four people before reportedly dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Three of those victims are critically injured, according to the Beavercreek Police Department.

Green gave Walmart employees hugs and urged them to ask for help if they needed it.

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

“I was in that spot where I felt alone, but I wasn’t,” he said. “So I had to let them know that.”

On Aug. 4, 2019, Green was in the Oregon District enjoying a night out with his father when a gunman opened fire.

Green’s father, Derrick Fudge of Springfield, was among the nine people killed. Green has since dedicated himself to helping people impacted by gun violence.

Further from home, Green was in Maine following a deadly shooting in Lewiston that left dozens dead or injured last month.

Green said that with the heartache comes a sense of exhaustion.

“I’m getting so tired of this being normalized,” he said. “And some people think ‘This won’t affect me.’”

Gun violence can impact anyone at any time in any community, Green said.

He said his hope for the Beavercreek community is that everyone will uplift people impacted by the shooting.

“If you’re here, right now, in the present, in the moment … enjoy those that you love the most. Right?” he said. “Create those memories, create laughter. Get over your anger or your bitterness or whatever you might have with somebody.”

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