Top off your meal with pie at Christiansburg restaurant

Christiansburg restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with homemade pies.

Restaurant: Loretta's Country Kitchen

Location: 12 E. Pike St. (OH-55), Christiansburg


Telephone: (937) 857-9275

Background/Overview: By the middle 1980s, Lyons Family Restaurant was open and busy in Christiansburg.

Larry Lyons hired Graham High School teenager Loretta Rhodes to serve customers at his restaurant. Years later, they became a couple and she went on to care for their two baby daughters, Heather and Leslie.

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Larry dealt with some health issues in the 1990s, so he needed to sell the restaurant. It then became Treon’s Family Restaurant for a few years.

During that span, Loretta was employed elsewhere; yet, she made it known to anyone who would listen that she missed working in the restaurant business.

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The opportunity arose for her to possibly purchase her favorite teenage job site in 1998! She struggled through the financing on her own, but received loving support from her daughters and other people who believed in her to open Loretta’s Country Kitchen.

After 18 years, Loretta handed her restaurant to older daughter Heather, so she could work somewhere that would allow her free time to pursue her hobbies. Since then, when school is in session, she’s the “lunch lady” at Graham Middle School.

In 2018, younger daughter Leslie took over for her sister and became the new owner of Loretta’s Country Kitchen. Plus, dad Larry Lyons is making all the popular handcrafted pies six days a week, just as he did when he opened his “family-styled” restaurant more than 30 years ago!

Loretta’s Country Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to customers who want “Home Cookin’ At The Right Price!”

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The Menu:

Beverages: Coffee, or Hot Tea (free refills) — $1.40; Cappuccino, or Hot Chocolate (one free refill only) — $1.40; Juices (Apple, Orange, or Tomato) — $1.50/$1.75; Coke products, Iced Tea, or Lemonade (free refills) — $1.60; Milk (Chocolate, or White) — $1.69/$1.89.

Breakfast (served all day): French Toast, or Hot Cakes — $2.69/$3.79; Buckwheat Hot Cakes — $2.89/$3.99; Biscuits & Gravy-$2.99/$3.99; Eggs & Meat —$4.49; Country Fried Steak (w/Homefries & Toast) — $6.79.

Breakfast Platters (served all day): “Mel’s Special” (Fried Mush (four) & Bacon) —$4.49; “Route 55 Slop Trough” (Eggs, Homefries, & oversized Biscuits smothered in gravy) — $4.89/$6.29; Smoked Sausage (Four Oz.), Eggs, Homefries, & Bread-$5.69; “Loretta’s Special” (Eggs, Grits or Gravy, Homefries, Meat, Bread) — $6.49; Country Fried Steak w/Homefries & Toast —$6.79; Pork Chop (Extra-large) & Eggs, Homefries, & Bread — $7.29.

Omelets (served all day): Cheese Omelet — $4.59; Veggie Omelet — $5.89; Western Omelet — $6.49; South West Omelet — $6.99; “The Meat Lover’s” Omelet — $7.29.

Breakfast Sides (served all day): Oats w/Brown Sugar & Milk — $1.29/$2.09; Grits w/Butter — $1.59/$1.89; Fried Apples — $1.79; Corned Beef Hash — $2.39; Fried Mush — $2.49; Jumbo Cinnamon Roll — $2.69.

Kid’s Menu (12 years & younger) (Includes Side & Drink) $4.99 Each: Breakfast: Eggs, Meat, & Toast; French Toast & Meat; “Mickey” Pancake & Egg.

Lunch/Dinner: Cheeseburger; Chicken Strips; Grilled Cheese; Hot Dog; Spaghetti & Meatballs w/Garlic Bread.

Soups: Beef Vegetable Soup, or Loretta’s Chili — $1.99/$2.69.

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“Soup-of-the-Day” (12 Soups Rotate) (Include) $2.29/$2.89: Broccoli & Cheese Soup; Chicken & Noodle Soup; Ham & Bean Soup w/Cornbread.

Salads: Chef Salad — $5.29/$6.49; Taco Salad — $5.89/$7.29; Chicken Salad (Fried, or Grilled) — $6.49/$7.89.

Lunch/Dinner Sides — $1.79 Each: Applesauce; Baked Potato; Cottage Cheese; Cole Slaw; Tossed Salad; Deviled Egg; French Fries, Homefries, or Seasoned Fries; Fried Apples; Homemade Mashed Potatoes; Jello; Macaroni Salad; Pickled Beets & Eggs; Rice Pudding; Sliced Peaches; Tapioca Pudding; Tossed Salad; “Vegetable-of-the-Day.”

Premium Lunch/Dinner Sides — $3.29 Each: Breaded Mushrooms; Mozzarella Sticks; Onion Rings.

Burgers: “The Duane Burger” (1/4 lb.) — $3.75; Double Cheeseburger (Two 1/4 lb. Patties) — $5.50; Buffalo Burger — $7.59.

Sandwiches/Subs: Slaw Dog (Jumbo-size Dog) — $3.99; Chicken Salad Sandwich — $4.49; Fried Bologna Sandwich — $4.69; Pizza Steak — $4.99; Smoked Sausage — $4.99; Cheese Melt (w/Bacon, Ham, Roast Beef, or Turkey) —$5.19; Meatball Sub — $5.49; Pork Tenderloin (Fried, or Grilled) — $5.49; Fish Sandwich-$5.99; “Cluck & Squeal” — $6.49; Loretta’s Club Sandwich — $6.49; Reuben — $6.49.

Dinners (w/Two Sides & Bread): White Fish — $5.29/$6.29; Homemade Spaghetti & Giant Meatballs — $5.49/$6.89; “Hot Shots” (Roast Beef, or Turkey) — $5.79/$6.79; Breaded Chicken Tenders — $6.49/$7.69; Grilled Beef Livers — $6.69/$7.69; Ham Steak (Six Oz.) — 6.89; Catfish (Two) — $6.99; Tilapia — $6.99/$8.99; Grilled Salmon — $7.29/$9.29; Fried Chicken Dinner — $7.49/$10.49; Grilled Pork Chops — $7.59/$9.59; Breaded Shrimp (Six) — $7.69; Marinated Chicken Breast — $7.69/$8.99.

Desserts: Ice Cream $1.89/$2.69; Jumbo Cinnamon Roll — $2.69; Ice Cream Sundae — $3.59; Malts, or Shakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla) — $3.59; Apple Dumplings — $3.79, or A-la-mode — $4.79.

Whole Pies (Pies must be ordered one day in advance of pick-up) (14-inch) — $14 Each

Cream Pies: Banana; Butterscotch; Chocolate; Coconut; Lemon; Peanut Butter; Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Fruit Pies (Your choice of crumb topping, or double crust): Apple; Black Raspberry; Cherry; Peach; Pineapple; Rhubarb.

Other Pies: Custard; German Chocolate; Pecan; Raisin; Sugar Cream.

Seasonal Pies (Single crust only): Baked Strawberry; Fresh Peach; Fresh Strawberry; Pumpkin; Mincemeat; Strawberry Rhubarb.


Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

More Information:

Turn west off St. Rt. 235 onto OH-55 into Christiansburg in Champaign County.

There’s free parking on the street and in the adjoining lot.

Loretta’s Country Kitchen sits on one floor, and is wheelchair accessible with some tactical maneuvering.

The “Party Room” seats up to 28 guests, and can be arranged with a one-day notice.

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